152MC – Tutorial Notes

Having one to one talks with my lecturer and having group tutorials which included the thoughts which my peers have on my project. I jotted down a few notes which they told me to focus on.

When explaining my idea, they seemed interested in it. It may be because deafness is not a common thing. Not one person in my tutorial group knew someone who was deaf, which made them more interested to find out more about my project.

Matt gave me a programme to look it. Called Who Are You by Greyson Perry. I didn’t find out what it is about and what it involves but I will give that a look.

They made me think about the definition of disabled and what makes someone classed as disabled. This is something I need to look more into and find the true definition. In my head it’s the obvious, like someone who a non fully functioning body, but I could be wrong. It’s a dangerous territory if I think disabled is something different to what I’m thinking. So I need to make it clear to myself what I’m dealing with.

The group got me thinking about the different ways I should style my finished book. My thoughts on my book is a folding one, showing a layered style narrative, and each time the viewer unfolds a page, they find out more and more about a deaf person which they might not already know. By unfolding each page, the audience is told something more about the deaf community. They also got me thinking about the title of my book. However, I want to work on the title nearer the end, as I can look at all of my work and see what is acceptable.