152MC – Voice of Vincent

Doing research with the education system surrounding the deaf community, I wanted to demonstrate how important schooling is for the deaf. Therefore I took recordings of my Father speaking, and I will compare it to how my Mother speech sounds like. My Dad wasn’t fortunate enough to attend a school that specialised in speech. His school worked on sign language and the basic knowledge that every school teaches like, Maths, English, Science etc. I’ve always known that my Dad doesn’t talk like the average person, but I’ve grown up with it. As I’ve brought up with it, it is easier for me to understand him very clearly. However, when someone who doesn’t know my dad, has a conversation with him for the first time, I know how difficult it can be to understand him.

The recording shown in this post is Vincent explaining how to make beans on toast. I asked my dad to say something simple, as I didn’t think it was appropriate to tell him that he sounds different to everyone else. I want my audience to know that education for the deaf is vital for their development of speech and understanding of others.

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