152MC – Who Are You? by Greyson Perry

When talking in my group tutorial to Matt and some peers, Matt mentioned that it would be a good idea for me look watch Who Are You? by Greyson Perry. Greyson Perry is an artist whom works with showing British Identity through portraiture. He shows how he makes these works through his channel 4 series Who Are You? He looked at fourteen different individuals, families and groups to make portraits of. These include, Chris Huhne, a young female to male transsexual, and Rylan Clark from X Factor.

As Greyson looks at many different individuals from different backgrounds in this programme, such as the overweight, and transsexuals. I wanted to focus my attention to the group of deaf people as this will relate to my project.

He starts getting to know the group of deaf people by attending a party in someones house. He starts walking into the front door and says, ‘