154MC – Questionnaire

I thought about including text into my book for my final piece. However, from the story entries that people have given me, I don’t feel as if I have enough good quotes that I can involve with my final images. Therefore, I am going to produce a questionnaire that hopefully bring out some specific points I need addressing. These questions are only going to be made for Alison, as my project is based around her life. The list here are the questions that will be on my questionnaire,

1. What did you learn in school? What techniques can you remember that helped you to understand lip reading and speech? Any stories about other pupils in the class?

2. When did you get your first hearing aid? What did it feel like to be able to hear for the first time? What differences does it make to your life now? Can you imagine yourself without it? Do you ever take it off?

3. Was making friends difficult when you were younger? Is it difficult to make friends with hearing people now?

4. Are you ashamed of being deaf? Do you feel embarrassed when strangers stare while you’re signing? Why?

5. Was it difficult having hearing parents while growing up? Does being deaf make your relationship with them stronger?

6. Does deafness stop you from doing anything you want to do in life?

7. Are you happy being part of the deaf community and the opportunities it brings?