152MC – Heavenly Hands Choir

My book is coming together very smoothly, however theres something not quite right about it. I want my book to be a documentary of Alison’s life and what she does with the deaf community. However, right now, with the pictures I have produced, I’m only giving facts and the obvious. Therefore I want to bring more personal images to my work. For example, I want to know what Alison does to make her identity a capital D with the deaf community. I know that she was a part of many activities. However, the one I am most interested about is a deaf choir! Thats right, I did say it, a deaf choir! To someone who doesn’t know what a deaf choir entails, it sounds pretty remarkable. I thought so too before I knew about it. Alison attends a deaf church called Goldings Church. Goldings Church is also for the hearing too. To the church, they don’t call it a ‘deaf choir’ but a sign language choir. The choir started out because the deaf people had a desire to worship God in their own language and in an expressive way – hoping that this would also bless others. One of the beauties of sign language is that you really have to understand what you are saying in order to translate it. For this reason the choir practices are a blessing as they grapple with the songs we have chosen and begin to practice them. Although it is quite nerve wracking, signing the songs in front of everyone, they really do commit themselves and each other to God and ask that He receive all the glory, honour and praise from our worship.

Here is a youtube Video of the choir in action,