152MC – Thoughts on my Project so far

So far I feel like my project is going quite slow. As my deadline is coming up I need to get a timetable to help me manage my time. I need to bring more pictures towards this project so I have images that will go towards my ending piece. Before I finalised my idea on the deaf community, I continued with another project which I spent more time on, which I shouldn’t have done. Now that I am focussing my time on one project, I have all my attention on one idea. I just need to get a move on. I want to tell my audience more than just Alison’s life. I want to educate the audience that being disabled isn’t all that bad. I want to show the audience how differently deaf people live. I also want to bring out points that people may not be away of when they think of a deaf person. Maybe by the end of looking through my book, they have a more understanding of how lucky they are if they are not deaf, but maybe have a different view on the deaf community.

Since starting this project, I go on with my day to day life and think about what deaf people can’t do that hearing people can. Such as, listen to a music video, the radio, or if someone is taking to you from behind, you wouldn’t know if it was happening. It makes me happy that I am lucky enough to be healthy, however, this is not what I want my body of work to do to my audience. I don’t want my audience to feel sorry for the deaf, but to feel happy for them. As there is so much the deaf community can do. After having a group tutorial I am able to see more in my work from the comments that I receive. It allows me to look at my work from a different perspective. Most of the time, I hate it when other people look at my work but as much as I hate it, it allows me to view different viewpoints from my work.