154MC – Lecture Notes

During lectures throughout this term, I’ve jotted down some points to think about during my project.

Deadline —— 26th May

Working with LIFE?LIGHT

The Punctum of life — Identifing
Nashville Narratives — Country Music, Storytelling,
Atomisation — Album is released
The Object… The book
The photobook

Produce a series of still life images
Portrait or set of portraits
Landscape or a set
Interior or series

Produce a Corporeal photobook
Sourced from anywhere and can be real or fiction – Must be hand crafted

Work backwards

– deadline
– reserve time
– binding
– printing

Main points/ themes / key words with my project,




blind community

peter Dekens – touch

Studio lighting

look at the models eyes to help you see what lighting that has been used
Check Shutter Speed
ISO – 400, 200, 100
White balance – Flash
Aperture – light metre
modelling light – main bulb
round light – flash

Any light that is not attached to the trigger needs to be on cell, otherwise it won’t be triggered to the light
bowens – heads – lights
light heads

Edmund husserl

Martin Heidegger
Learning to love you more – project book – Harrell Fletcher and Miranda July
creating something people want to see
what is the significance of our work
DO not make work to just hand it in for a degree
Production of the work
Creating a book
The Country Doctor – Eugene Smith
photography that told a story

Jim Goldberg – raised by wolves
Philip lorca dicorcia – the storybook life
laia abril – the epilogue
Loshua Lutz – Hesitating beauty

Produce considered portraiture that reflects your subjects narratives and the meta narrative of your work…
Alongside further research and development of your narrative

Interviews –
purpose, technique and review

provides us with information, expand our views, answers, questions, spreading power, confirming information, gathering information, see perspective, give voice, direct us.
Knowledge and naivety
formal / informal
Review is both live and retrospective
Planned questions and reactions
Technicalities –
Record? Write? Listen?
touching strangers – Richard Ronaldi
Trish Morrissey
Susan Bright – autofocus – book


Friday 1st May 2015

Chelsea Higlee
Provenance – where something comes from. Originality
A physical object occupies physical space.
Brigitte Frase
Via Panam
System of Objects – Jean Baudrillard
The Book – Permanent, together, bound, it can possession, intimate, personal, order. A book is a sequence of moments. A book is not a case of words, not a bag of words, not a bearer of words. Time based medium.
IN everyday use books have a highly standard form. They are made of rectangular pages, attached together on one side, and covered with a cover.
8th May 2015

Books are becoming more beautiful.
Foam dummy edition
Riga photobook
Offprint Amsterdam
Unseen Amsterdam

The phonebook teaches us about – time, space, provenance, structure, relationship, memory.
Broken Manual – Alec Soth
Research into different photobooks. to help gain what you like etc. /making a brownie
‘Sequencing a phonebook is not a science, its an art’ – Gerry Badger

Layout! – borders
Text – helps us think about the photograph

What are you trying to say
Who am i saying it to

What is the concept
Look for connections and relationships
Whole is more important than the parts.