154MC – What is a Landscape

For this module, it is required to take landscapes images. My initial thoughts were the typical landscape pictures such as hills or mountains. But I know that a landscape is much broader than that! I remember receiving a lecture back in my first term called ‘What is a Landscape’ and I can’t think of a better opportunity to look back on this lecture than now.

In the lesson I remember talking about the typical image for a landscape, such as nature or urban environments. Traditionally, its a panorama or a landscape orientation. Not something that involved people, its mainly to show places that we have never seen before. But then we think about the work of Peter Bialobreszki, Mark Power and Hiroshi Sugimoto:

Here are some of the images which Hiroshi Sugimoto has done,

hiroshi-sugimoto-lightning-fields-236 open-uri20120908-6690-12niah6.sugimoto-arch-002

After looking at these images, I think about what can be a landscape image. What does landscape actually mean. Can a landscape be anything. Can it be a portrait, square to landscape? A landscape is often intended to represent places we have never seen
 and to make us think differently of places we pass everyday. If this is the case, landscapes are not limited to a natural view, but can be cityscapes, nightscapes, seascapes and more.

A landscape can even have human presence. Landscapes does not only show the outdoor, but something greater. Matt gave the example of Elinor Carucci’s landscape, which is shown here,


Here Carucci presents the effects of an event on the landscape of a body. We do not see the man sleeping but we understand it happens and the result is far more arresting and relatable than a man taking a nap. When we talk about the human presents, the human isn’t the main focus of the image. This leans the images towards a landscape and not a portrait. Just thinking about this, I can only imagine there to be a mark where a hearing aid has been placed on the ear. Just like how glasses leave red marks from being worn for a long time. If a deaf person has a hearing aid in their ear all day, it must of left a mark there!