152MC – Davy Priestley

Davy Priestly is a photographer who was born deaf, therefore he depends on sign language and the reading of the lips to communicate. On his website he explains ‘In spite of my disability, I am articulate when it comes to speaking. I have no problem in expressing myself verbally or understanding people speaking. My lack of hearing is no hindrance to photography. As hard as it is to comprehend, I have the ability to bring pictures to life. I simply use my feelings to capture a moment and it is often superb. That is why I strongly believe that it takes more of imagination than skill in photography. I rely on my inner drive and desire to produce a good photo. Photography has always been my passion. My goal is to put the everyday happenings of life in a picture. It can be a perfect feeling of any kind, or drama. I capture such stuff through a photograph. My passion for pictures started long before I ventured into photography. Even before I started taking my own photos, the pictures of others always fascinated me. Now that I am, it makes perfect sense. Pictures are like storage of a lifetime experiences. They hold memories of wonderful or sad stories. Just by a single look of the piece of paper, the past times, which can be full of good times, come to mind. It is amazing how it awakens emotions that were felt for a long time. It is as if it holds the power to bring together. It’s no wonder that I find utmost joy when I see happy faces once you take a look of the images I have captured. I purpose in my heart to remind you of that beautiful feeling whenever you look at your photo. I enjoy working with people and giving them a memory to hold on. It is like making good times tangible to them. It gives me fulfilment in a personal level. At this level in my life, I do not ever want to lose this passion. Now, I view photography as a serious hobby and profession rather than an advanced one. It is not like some daily routine that I have to do. It is more like an escape from reality. I enjoy working at my own free time just for fun. Before I consider it a career, I would like to enjoy a good feeling. Getting to learn the advance is involving and takes away the sentiments. Nevertheless, I have returned to school both in college and in the university. I intended to gain more knowledge than what I had acquired through self-training I also wanted to share my knowledge with the students and tutors in these institutions. This is because I have a vast experience of almost 20 years. In college, I obtained an F.D.A (Degree) and recently this year for B.A. (Hon) Photography. I find this essential because it will take me back to the basics that I missed. This vital foundation will help me attain great achievements in Art, Documentary, Contemporary, and Fashion Photography. Apart from academic qualifications, I have various awards. I obtained the HNC Multimedia works, HNC/HND Photography awards in the year 2010. I love to try new things with photography. I am particularly interested in Wedding and Portrait photography. I strive to make such photos different and quirky with an outstanding style. Some of my other areas of photography include Commercialism, Staged Narrative, and Street Photography. It is on this basis that I believe that a lot waits for me in the field of photography.’

He explains that his deafness has never stopped him from doing what he wants to do with his life. When talking to my Father about Davy he said ‘Oh, I know him, he was my best man at my wedding’. At this point I want bouncing with joy and excitement. I am going to email Davy with a few questions about being deaf and how it has changed him. How does his deafness affect his relationship and communication with different people in his field of work. As he is a close friend of my Dads, hopefully he will be more willing to reply quickly!

Here are a few images of Davy’s recent work,

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