152MC – Thoughts on Binding Options

My deadline is coming up fast so I need to figure out what sort of binding technique I am going to be using for my book.

I have already got experience using coptic and stab binding as I attended workshops that inspired me to pick out of them both. I have never produced a book for my final piece before so this is very nerve wreaking as I will have to practice lots to get the finishing book perfect. Since the workshop I have ordered the proper tools and equipment ready for when I start producing dummy books. Looking at other photographers books, I was very curious on how binding actually works, from coptic through to stab binding. It was easier than expected. Although I messed up a few times, I got the hang of it by the end.

Coptic binding is the one I was most impressed with, as it looks so complex but very easy to make. I like how each signature lays flat when folding each page, something that stab binding can’t do. I do like coptic binding, but it seems a little too formal for what I want to do with my project. I want to make my book less formal, making the audience feel like they’re looking through a photo album almost. The ending produce for coptic binding is very neat, and it takes more time producing than stab binding. Something which is much harder to think about when creating a coptic binded book is the sequencing of the photographs. As I have not produced a book before I found the printing difficult for this style of bind. I need to print each page correctly on each signature to get the sequencing right. In preparation for this I attended a In-Design tutorial where I learnt how to use this type of software.

As I’ve done a blog post on Every Building On The Sunset Strip by Ed Ruscha, I’ve thought about doing an accordion style book. From the group feedback, they suggested that while looking through my book, they’re exposed to things that they never thought about while thinking about the deaf community. My book is a story time / time line on Alison’s life. So an accordion style book would work nicely, as I can sequence the images in order. The accordion style book can be looks at from both sides when pulled out. I was thinking one side of the book can be images from the past, the archive images that I have collected. Then the other side could be images of what Alison’s life is now. However, after having a tutorial on coptic and stab binding, my thoughts have leaned toward these styles.

At the moment I’m thinking about using stab binding. In my opinion, this is the style thats the most suited to my project. The book can be shaped to how I like it to be. Also I can choose the pattern which the binding can come out as. When looking at my dummy books which I made in my workshop, I had more ideas come to me when producing a stab binded book. Even though the book was flimsy, I liked how smart it looked. The book is more personal and less like another book, where you can’t see the stitching. To be able to see the stitching on the stab binding book makes it more attractive.