152MC – Book Template

As I have decided to do a stab binding book I will need to arrange my images within the right positioning. Which will allow me to have room for the binding strip at the side of the book. I need to think about this before I start printing. I first needed to think about what size do I want my book. This is the template which I used for my book.

Screen Shot 2015-05-23 at 13.57.19

I didn’t want it to be too big but not too small. When doing dummy books, I used a half an A4 page. I thought this is the perfect size for my book. The black outline in the picture is the size I wanted my book. The first vertical red line is for where the binding will end. I made this red line two centimetres away from the edge, leaving me room to bind the book when my pictures are developed. I didn’t want to have my images right on the edge of the book, therefore the second vertical red line is to show me where the images need to be placed on. Allowing all the images to be on the same line and location on the page. The only red horizontal line on the page tells me where the middle of the page is, so I can line up all my images to that same spot.