152MC – Deaf Bowls

With my project so far, I think that my images are quite factual. I want to show my audience that there are activities which Alison attends because she is deaf and for other deaf people. Alison is a part of the British Deaf Bowls club. This club plays against other deaf bowls teams around the world, and they compete to be the best, just like any other sport for the hearing. I want to bring this into my book as this is a big part of Alison’s life. I was unable to take pictures from the events which are playing myself, as it is the wrong season which they play. I found out that the only available teams to take images of are ones which are competing in different countries. As much as I would to go to a different country for this shoot, it wouldn’t be practical for me to do so. Therefore I needed to see what images Alison had of her own. Some of the images I’ve collected are from Alisons personal stash and with the Southend Bowls gallery on their website. Here are the images that I have collected,

I thought about including all of the images in my book but I don’t want the book to be all about the bowls. So I am going to pick the best ones, and then include them in my book.