152MC – Intention and Audience

Before creating my book and sequencing my images, I need to think about what I want my audience to feel during and after looking through my book and the intention I want to bring to my audience.

My aim for this book is not to point out how hard it is to be deaf, but the opposite. I want my audience to realise that having a disability isn’t all doom and gloom. I want my book to be a personal representation of a deaf person. Like Peter Dekens work Touch, I feel my work is very similar to show how a person with a disability lives their life. However, my images are very different from Peters. With my images, I am just showing how it is. I’m not making the deaf community look amazing. I’m showing how different deafness is from what everyone thinks. When I went for a one to one tutorial with my lecturer, I want discussing with him what a deaf choir is, and another lecturer of mine was very interested. Not because she thinks it’s unusual, but she had never heard anything like this. This can be the same with everything. I believe people who are unaware of the deaf community, think of deafness as very isolated. As there is not many deaf people known to the hearing, deafness goes off the top of peoples heads. If a person who is deaf, walked passed you in the street, it is very difficult to indicate if that person is deaf or not. This is something thats not fair. When hearing people are told that someone is deaf, they always feel they need to shout more, or not talk to the deaf person at all. For one, shouting at a deaf person is pretty stupid and always makes me laugh. They’re not going to hear you more when they can’t hear at all.

I want my audience to take away the feeling of reassurance. I’ve mentioned that I wanted to include text in my book. As John Duncan’s Tree’s from Germany included a few paragraphs at the beginning of the book. I’ve been thinking about deaf people and it is very difficult to notice if someone is deaf. Therefore I am thinking of having text at the end of my book, instead of at the beginning. I want my reader to look through the book with no indication that the book is to do with a deaf person. I want them to look through the images, thinking that it is of a none disability woman, when they come to realise that Alison is deaf, they can look back on the pictures and think that ‘Even though Alison is deaf, she live life as if she wasn’t disabled.