152MC – Audience Knowledge

Audience knowledge is very important when making your own book. Audience knowledge was something I struggled with when thinking about what sort of images I wanted in my book. When in my group tutorial, my lecturer talked to me about my images and said they were quite literal. The audience wanted to know more about what they didn’t know. Everyone knows that a deaf person has a hearing aid to help them hear etc, but they don’t know about the community itself. This is something I want to bring into my book. I have included images such as deaf bowls, which is something deaf people can do as a community. This is something people may not of heard of and was unaware how big is it for the deaf people. At the end of the book, I’ve included the statement came from Alison herself, which allows the audience to realise what the narrative is at the end of the book. The images are reflective on the life that Alison has lived with, which was something I wanted to do at the start. Thoughout the book, I’ve made hints to the viewer to allow them to figure out the narrative for themselves.