152MC – Printing

Now that I’ve sorted out all the images that will be in my finishing book, I need to print my images. For my previous project, I went to a regular printing shops that was quite busy, so I thought I would try somewhere different. I had a look around in town and in the university but nothing came to my interest. I tried the printing bureau within the university, but as this is a busy time of the year, everyone was in there printing images for other courses. I wasn’t prepared to wait as long as the expected time so I looked for somewhere else.

I found one in town which was tucked away behind all the shops. This place allowed me to print on any printing paper I wanted in the space of 1 hour. As my template was on an A4 piece of paper, I thought if I printed the prints in A4, I could cut them to the line after printing. However, it would of cost me £6 per A4 print, so I needed to crop the images at the shop in order for me to get a cheaper deal. They gave me a good deal and they realised I was a student and needed the prints done as soon as possible. When they also realised I was a photography student, they offered me deals on my next buy at that shop, so I am very satisfied with my visit. The photos took only one hour to print which was perfect as I wanted to start binding my book straight away. They showed me all the printing options they had and different printing paper. I thought I would go for the matt paper as they give a nicer finish. Glossy paper wouldn’t work as well when I will need to bind the book, as it will get very slippery, which might make the holes for the stab binding in different areas of the prints.

What I need to do next is to think about the order of my photographs and what the title will be.