152MC – Sequencing Images Lecture

Now that I have gathered all my images which will be going into my finished book, I need to sequence my images in the correct order and my reasons doing so. In preparation for thinking about my layout for my own book, I had a lecture on layout and sequencing another artists work. The class got into groups and my lecturer gave us a piece of text and a bundle of images to work with. It was our task to put the images in order, sort out the ones in which we thought were appropriate/suited to the text. As a group as discussed how we would start, as everyone had different ideas and options. We all thought by reading the text first, we could find out the narrative and go from there. While reading the text, we highlighted the key points and themes that could match with the narrative given. While doing so we got rid of a lot of images, and identified which ones were ones we defiantly wanted to keep.

The text that was given to us was very broad but specific at the same time. It had character descriptions, events, seasons, objects and locations, which we had to find in the images given. The images that came aside the text, I thought was very random. There were a variety of landscape, portrait, buildings, and still life images which didn’t nessesarily relate to each other. We thought that it was a good idea to read a few sentences at a time, and then try and see if any pictures related to the text we had just read. This technique was surprisingly easy. As a group we began discussing how we would present these images on the page. We thought that having the text in the book wouldn’t be as effective. The narrative is very random and we wanted to bring this to the book. Without having the text in the book will allow the viewer to make up their own narrative from the book. This will allow every viewer to come away with a different experience and story. The images that were given to us had a variety of filters to them. Some had colour and some were monochrome, when we gathered the images that were important to the story, we then sorted them into colour and black and white. We thought that they worked well together, as the black and white images were suited to the story line.

This experience gave me ideas with my own book. What sort of style of sequencing I wanted and how my pictures will be displayed.