152MC – Time Management

This module started and ending in a shorter amount of time compared to the other modules I have taken. Therefore I needed to set myself a timetable to help me manage my time. As the brief was so broad, this didn’t help me with time, as I didn’t get my idea down to a point that I can continue with. I made sure that I was ready for the deadline week as I left the last week as a ‘making sure I had everything ready’. I didn’t want to be rushed at the end of the module, as it will show in my work and make my body of work weaker. As I have never made a book for the past two modules, I knew that printing and binding the book would be my main set back. So I made sure that my book was ready a week in advance before the deadline, incase anything went wrong.

One main issue that came at the start of the module was ideas. I had too many ideas which didn’t relate to each other. Which didn’t help me with my time management. It was a good thing that I went to a group tutorial as my peers and lecturers helped me narrowing down my ideas. When I found my idea, I knew which direction I wanted to take my project.

A big relief came off of my shoulders when I found the right printing shop. The prints only took an hour to develop so I could get straight onto stab binding. I decided to not print on double sides of the page, as it will take longer to print, as also as I’m doing a Japanese stab binding, it will be difficult for the reader to see each image.

For this module I only used my blog for jotting down all of my research. I believe this helped me a lot! For my previous module I used a sketchbook and I loved it. However, when thinking about that module again, the sketchbook did take up a lot of my time. With a blog, you don’t have to make it look pretty and neat. All it is is writing. So this helped me a great deal.

Another BIG issue concern that I had was to find time to do shoots in the studio. As it was the last module of the year, everyones deadlines were in at similar times, therefore there was barely any time to go into the studio. I went into the studio once for my project, and I booked that slot a week in advance, even then I only had two hours in the studio.

Another thing that I had to be aware of was ordering binding tools. I ordered, thread, stabbing tool, and needles. I ordered all of them at the time time, and by the time I wanted to bind my book together, the only thing that came in my post box in time was the needles. So I couldn’t start binding my book on the date I wanted to. Therefore I had to run to hobby craft to get some thread.

Also, I had a lot of feedback from Alison herself. As Alison lives hours away from where I live now, our only communication was through email. Therefore I had to make sure I emailed her in advance so that I could get a response around the time when I needed it.

I’ve already binded my book and all I have to do now is finish up final blog posts. In some ways my time management worked successfully. I found that with this module, I am more up to date with my work, which is unusual as this module is shorter than the rest. I hope that I have done enough for this module as I believe I have worked extra hard for it.