152MC – Evaluation

I’ve learnt from the last two projects, that I needed to direct this module into an idea which I am most passionate about. Something that will motivate me, then in turn will allow me to have a stronger project. The theme of the project was very personal to me as I’ve lived with two deaf parents my whole life. Representing someones life in photographs was a huge changed for me. However, I think I have done enough to make a successful body of work.  I believe I have improved from my last two project, and have come up with a project stronger. The amount of research I have done has been greater than the others, which has shown in my final piece. Deafness is a very broad and personal topic, which allowed me to go in many different direction. Although before this module, I thought I knew all there is to know about the deaf community, I learnt so many new things along the way. Such as a deaf person can identify themselves being D/deaf. I have been able to gain more understanding of how my Mother (Alison) feels about being deaf. Which has brought my relationship with her closer. I have handled my timing quite well as I didn’t rush anything within the project, which hopefully has reflected in my work. I have been able to complete all of the tasks that were set in the brief. I have made dummy books, which has helped me to make the perfect finishing product which I am very happy with. The book was something I am most proud of. Having not made a book before, I didn’t know what it was going to turn out like. I experimented with different thread to bind my book, which allowed me to have a stronger structure. Although my project has come to an end, I feel as if I could go so much more into the different types of deaf communities. As this project was shorter than the previous two, I had a smaller amount of time to work with. If I had a little bit more time with this project I wouldn’t restrict myself with one person. I would go to a deaf club to talk to so many different deaf people. As my parents are deaf, I’ve learnt how to communicate with the deaf. It’s easier for a deaf person to understand a hearing person as they know how to lip read. However, it is a greater challenge for a hearing person to understand a deaf person. As I’ve grown up surrounded by deaf adults, this has come to my advantage as I know a little more than another hearing person. Overall, I can say now that this project has been an enjoyable one. Despite worrying about booking the studio for shoots, or getting replies from Alison. I am very grateful for the commitment that Alison has towards my project, as she did everything which I needed. I would also like to expand this project to make it into a long term project. There are so many things I can go into, which I haven’t yet.