Post Digital Publishing Submission

Project 1 

My Life In a Silent World

This project started during the first year of University as I submitted it in Working With Life (152MC). The aim of this work was to highlight that the deaf community is not all doom and gloom, but a way of life. My project was about understanding that way of life and how people adapt to the different opportunities. This project was based on Alison Hare, someone who was born deaf. I took images from her childhood, and images leading up to her life now. I use her in my project as a demonstration that being deaf isn’t a disadvantage to someone. As Alison has gained so many friends, and her husband from being deaf. For my summer task, I am going to expand this project, and develop it more into a detailed representation of the deaf community. I have big plans that I am going to entail, that are to visit a clinic in my hometown, and interview a nurse, which helps the deaf clients. I am going on a youth club trip, and talk to deaf teenagers, and see how they’re developing their understanding of themselves being hard of hearing. I’ve found this project relatively personal, as I have parents who are both deaf. Even though I am very proud of them, it has shown me how difficult life can be when hearing isn’t available. Having deaf parents has made this project stronger, as I can go to them for questions and answers. Also they have made me more determined, as this theme is something I have grown up with and experienced first hand.

The progression of this project, and where it stands now, shows on my blog which is

A few images from this project,

Project 2

Graffiti as Art

This project is also one that I did while I was at University. This project is about how Graffiti shouldn’t be classed a vandalism. This is what I felt at the time and how I wanted to pursue this project as. The aim for this project was to help visualise ‘tagging’ and ‘graffiti’ as street art. There are many well known street artists such as Banksy and Blek Le Rat, but I wanted to know what defines them as artists and not vandals. As I believe there shouldn’t be a different between graffiti and street art. I wish to still work on this project as I believe it still needs working on. However, I am very happy to how it has turned out currently. The progression of this work is on my blog, which is

A few images from this project –

Project 3

For this project I did it outside of University. In my spare time I like to go on walks through country roads and fields. One day when on my daily walk, I noticed something, which I hadn’t noticed before. I realised that humans have ‘ruined’ wildlife and the countryside. Therefore I wanted to make a project on my experience on a walk. I walked along side River Parrott that is situated in Langport, Somerset. While on my walk, I took images of what I saw as ‘human ruin’, and come up with a series of images. The aim of this project was to express how we effect the environment, and how we should not touch it at all. ‘Let it be’ I say. On my walk I was part of the local walking club, as I joined them on their walk in Langport. Langport isn’t my hometown, I live four hours away in fact, but I enjoyed the experience very much! There are a lot of help programmes to stop the earth being ‘touched’ by people which I agree on strongly.