Why I hate The Word ‘Skinney’

I never thought I’d have to write a blog post on this topic but it feels like it’s coming to point where it’s becoming more and more common in most peoples lives. I want to share my experience, opinion, views and discuss why I needed to write upon this issue. This can be seen as a very controversial topic and I hope, to the people reading this will take it in however they like, but see this as my own opinion. I don’t want this post to be any form of a debate but a way of expressing how I feel and no doubt how other people feel in my situation. Let me start by saying this, everyone is different, whether it be background, skin, shape, voice. Everyone is different. Some peoples definition of a perfect body is different. Some people have different definitions of a perfect house, perfect holiday, perfect partner, just everyones opinions are different. When I started secondary school ‘skinny’ and ‘boney’ became very common words to describe me. I was stick thin, with no boobies or bum, so I was basically a twig. I would always be jealous of my friends as they began the stage where they were talking about bras and getting attention by boys. I had nothing. I was just the little girl left behind at the back of the group with nothing to be proud of. I even (don’t judge me) just stuff my size 30A bra just to look like they had some shape. At the start of secondary school I became friends with ‘the popular girls’ and image was everything to them. On top of all this I was at an all girls school. I wasn’t a girly girl like the rest of my friends. I enjoyed wearing my black adidas tracksuit everywhere because it would cover up all the bones which stuck out in every angle. I ate the same amount, probably more than the average kid but yet I was so incredibily skinny. My little sister even had bigger boobies than me which I really didn’t understand when she is four years younger than I am. My body just didn’t make sense to me. The answer to this problem is simply Metabolism. Metabolism is a chemical reaction that happens in all your living organisms to help maintain life. An easier way to say is it its the rate at which your body burns calories and breaks down fat. When I was that age my rate was very fast, which means it was impossible for me to put on weight, and keep it that weight. Some metabolisms are slower and some are average. Theres always someone that wishes their metabolism is amazing fast and they could eat whatever they desire, but it’s not that simple. But, it’s not all what its cracked up to be. As I began my teenage life, it became worse. This was where nearly every girl had a shape. Tanned skin was very there for me, if I was out in the sun for just half an hour I would burn, so this was another reason why I didn’t spend that much time outside in the summer holidays. I never got into wearing dresses and pretty skirts because I didn’t want people to see my pale skinny body. I wanted to gain weight so much that I would just eat shit. Chocolate, McDonalds, sweets, fizzy drinks, everything but it was impossible for me to even get some shape to my body. You see a lot of programs about larger people going through a tough time trying to lose their weight, slim people can go through just as much of a tough time trying to put it on. No one just points it out. I wasn’t anorexic, I didn’t have a disorder, that was just how I turned out to be. A bag of bones. I would get the phase ‘get some meat on you’ said so many times by my own family that I just gave up trying to put on weight. As a 18 year old now I am pleased with my body, without sounding big headed. I am happy with how my body is at the moment. I have filled in the gaps in body and gained some shape, I have boobs now and my body does wobble haha but I still get some remarks on how skinny I am. Some would think the word skinny is a compliment, but I don’t see it that way. Would you say to someone who was noticeably larger than the average person how large that person was? I hope that you wouldn’t because that is clearer to people to be rude. Why are you so skinny’ is a lot like telling a person ‘why are you so fat?’ What I don’t understand is why is it acceptable to ask a skinny person these question of the same criteria. I think that anyone making a remark on someone else’s weight is unacceptable.It’s really not fair. Nobody ever takes into account genes, metabolism, bone structure, medical problems. There are thousands of reasons why people are how they are, and why people are the size they are. Social media plays a huge part in this. Who cares whether a person is fat or skinny. Why does it matter if someone is slightly underweight or overweight. As long as you feel happy and content with what you look like, then why does everything else matter? Who made up the perfect body shape. Sometimes I want to look like Beyonce with a curvy body. Is curvy seen as fat? Who decides what shape everyone should be. If someone with a high metabolism like me started to exercise then they would lose weight and become even skinnier, which as a result, means their unfit. I even walk to University, which takes me about 10 minutes and I would be seriously out of breathe. There is no doubt in saying that there are some aspects of my body that I hate. My nose which can cut glass with how pointed it is. My legs which are long and skinny which makes me look very lanky but who cares. I am very content with how I look now and that all that matters. Everyones metabolisms rate changes and I’m sure mine won’t be this quick forever. Meaning my years of eating shit will slowly catch up on me and I won’t be able to move an inch. Overall, I just hate the word skinny, as I’ve grown up with this word. Just as someone would hate the word fat. Nobody else should define what weight boundary you are in. It’s someones way of life. Yes, people could have a disorder but in most cases this isn’t the reason for their ‘not so average body shape’. You may think in you head that someone is large, or thin, or curvy, but when this is said verbally it can become very dangerous. If it is a compliment about someones shape then all means express what you feel but think before you speak. If you are happy with the way you look, thats all that matters.