Summer Task – Professional Experience

A task that was set over the summer was produce a 1-2 minute interview with a person who we admire, and get to know what has their biggest failure been throughout they’re working life.

I had never used video before, so this got me worried. I had a few tutorials at University at the beginning of my first year, but I never got round to do anything with video since then. As I have had my camera for almost three years now, I have gotten used to how it works so I played around with it before making the interview, so nothing would go wrong during the interview.
When thinking about who to interview, I was very unsure. I wanted someone who can talk about a subject that I can relate to. Or else listening to someone talk about something I’m not interested in would be pointless. Then I thought to interview my brother. I have lived with my brother my whole life, and the age gap between us is fairly large, I’ve always looked up to him as a second Dad. My brother Richard has been to Uni and dropped out mid way. I wanted to see if he regretted his decision and how this has effected his working life.

Interviewing my brother was easier for me, as it was more comfortable and less formal. As he has been travelling for a long time, I would get a face to face interview, but I could get him on the phone, and this is what this interview consists of. Before this interview I made sure he knew what the brief was asking of, so he would know what sort of things to talk about. I began asking him a few questions, but there was many pauses after my questions, which took time. So then I did the video again, but just have him explaining his answers in one paragraph.

I used my Nikon D3100 camera to film this, and I struggled on what will be in the frame, and not just a phone. I wanted something moving in the frame, so it just didn’t look like a still image, so I placed the phone near my window and shot the park outside my house. This wasn’t too distracting for the video as I made the phone the main focus in the frame.