201MC Professional Experience – Initial Thoughts

I’m not going to lie and say I was completely confident in getting this module. Coming back to uni after a what seemed like a very long summer was a struggle. Especially when I had to set my alarm for the early hours of the morning. However, I am very excited to start this year. Module 201 is called Professional Experience, and it is sort of self explanatory. Professional experience is about looking at yourself as a professional, and not just a 19 year old student. The word professional scared me at first, because I thought of suits, and briefcases and thinking like an adult, but this module is not about this. This module includes a variety of different things that we will be assessed on in many different ways.

A part of this module, is to hold an exhibition. I sort of already knew this from attending the last year exhibition, which went very smoothly and I enjoyed very much. I love attending exhibitions and viewing someone else’s work, as it helps me later on in my future resources. I have not been yet fortunate for my work to be displayed at a exhibition before, so I am very nervous but extremely eager for this event to take place. ¬†Planning for this exhibition is about working in groups to pull together an event for the public eye. It has to be our work shown in a professional manner.

Another part of this module is to gain professional experience. This can be anything of my own choice. This part of the module is what I am looking forward to starting. In our introduction lecture of this module we got the opportunity to talk to some third years, who have ‘been there and done it’ with a work placement. I got a true insight into what will be the benefits and fall backs that I will have to face. Talking to the third year students gave me more determination and excitement. From this, I have already applied for a work placement at New Look, working in their design department, which I am still awaiting a reply.

The grading for this module works in two ways. For 20% of the marks, it is an essay. The essay is required to be 1000 words. It might contain a critical reflection on the professional journey that I will be putting myself on. We have to discuss matters such as how this experience will benefit me in the future, even if this experience wasn’t the right thing for me to do. The other 80% of the module is a presentation of our own individual reflective portfolio. It can contain work that we do throughout the year, involving photographs, tutorial records and individual participation in all stage of the module.

So, that is all my knowledge about this module so far, but I get more information about it next week. I am looking forward to the tasks within this module. This is because it is many of the things I haven’t done before, and wanting to do anyway. It will give me a chance to explore a department inside photography that I haven’t touched before. The thing I’m most excited about is the work placement, because it will give me a chance to gain knowledge in the industry I am most passionate about.

The deadline for this module is the 29th April 2016