Beginning Second Year

So having a long and over due summer, its back to work and learning. I moved into my university home for my second year, and to be perfectly honest, it wasn’t the easiest of moves but I am very much settled in now. I’ve moved into a house with five other people, which are all my close friends from the first year. Although some people still don’t know how to put the toilet seat down, I wouldn’t change anything. I’m writing this post to give you some advice for moving into your second year of university.

  1. The biggest different that will change in your second year is that you’ll be living in aIMG_4545 house and not student halls. This is the best thing about second year. No security guards telling you to turn your music down when pre drinking. No long wait to use the washing machines, and most importantly, you have a garden to have a BBQ! Some advice I would give, is to move in a house with a group of people you feel most comfortable being around. You’ll be with these people for a whole year, so they might as well be your best friends.
  2. IMG_4966MAKE YOUR ROOM YOURS! Your room can be an escape from everything and everyone when times are just that a little bit tougher. When I moved into my uni house, it wasn’t at its best. It was smelly with no character in any of the rooms. Just four walls, bed and desk. My
    advice would be to bring some candles to help take the smell out! Plus candles are great to make a room feel so much more cosier and warm. Some fairy lights wouldn’t go to miss also, just to bring some character in your room. Posters and pictures can also help a room become more than just blank walls and a bed. I like my room at my new house, especially the view from my window.
  3. Make the most of your space! I don’t know about your halls, but in mine last year I didn’t have a living room/common room. A place where me and my flatmates could sit on the sofa and watch TV as a group. In my house now, there is a living room where we’ve already played Monopoly and Cluedo, for the nights where we are poor students and couldn’t go out.
  4. Work your hardest at the beginning right through till the end. Second year will shock you very hard with the amount of work there is. It is so much better to start the work you’re set, when you get it. It is said that second year is the hardest year at University, so it is just common sense to make everything a lot easier by not holding everything until the last day.