Community Culture & Identity – Lighting Task

We got put into groups of four people to try and recreate images which my module leader have given us. I did something like this before briefly in my first year, but it was only with one image, and I didn’t have much time and little resources. This time we have three images, and my group went into he studio to help enhance the pictures further. I got a Canon 5D out with a tripod and went into the studio. Then we tried to pick images which will challenge us but also be most appropriate to recreate. Here are the list of images which we were given, and we had to pick three images out of the group of them.

Having looking at the images, my group and I decided to pick the pictures that can be recreated in the studio. So the one at the beach was out of question. We then decided to pick images that were black and white, as it will be more easier to create the lighting. My group and I decided to choose these images,

On the left is the image which we were given and on the right is the one my group and I created. I think our picture worked well. When we took the image, we then changed it in black and white, and also cropped it to be the same size and frame to the first image. The things that I would change, is the brightness, the image of the man is much brighter to the face than my image. This could have been worked at with the lighting in the studio. We put our lighting on right side of the camera, on the model. My picture is more softer and out of focus in some areas. However, overall I believe you can see the connection with these images.

For this picture, we went outside to shoot it. Reason being is that in the original image the background is of what I think is a tree/park lane. So my group and I went outside. At first we used auto focus, which was difficult, as it kept on focusing on the wrong areas. So then we turned the camera to manual focus, and this worked so much better to our advantage. The main thing I would have changed about this image is brightness. My picture, like the other one, is a lot brighter than the set picture. I also would have made the model a bit more closer to the camera. I figured out that the sun is infront of the model, therefore, we made our model face the sun. Overall, I am dissapointed with this image, as I feel like I could of improved it a lot more. However, I can still see the relation of them both.

Again with my image, it is not as sharp as the set image. With this picture, I wanted to get the shadow the same. We used the light infront of the model, so that the shadow can be directly behind the model. We also positioned the camera nearer the ground, so that the shadow should carry on above the models head. Again, with our image, it has less contrast as the set image, and also less brightness. Overall I think our picture isn’t perfect, but there is still a relation between them both.

Looking back on the task, I thought that we could of done a lot better. Better in terms of brightness and contrast.