Professional Experience – Exhibition

Another part of the module: professional experience, is to hold an exhibition that will be on the 25th February. When I was told this, it was very daunting, as I have not done anything like this before. However, when talking about it as a class and in small groups, I’m getting more involved and it’s all coming together in my head positively. To start planning this exhibition, we were allowed to choose the groups that we wanted to be in. I wanted to be in a group where none of my close friends are on, as I want to expand my knowledge on other peoples interest in photography, which might in turn interest me and give me inspiration with different fields of photography.  In my group there is, Lily, Amelle, Rachel, Evan and Bethany. We all have very similar ideas and aims for this event, which will make the planning a whole lot easier. In our group we have already discovered who is better at some aspects of planning that others. For example, we know now that Rachel is very good with sound, video and recording, so if we want to include that in our event, we can do this without fault. So far we have just brainstormed our ideas, and what sort of roles we want to take in the group. When planning an event we need to think about what sort of roles we need to take, such as, fundraiser, promoter, and creator etc. Also we are preparing to write a project proposal that will highlight some of the themes, aims and objectives that will come out of our exhibition.