Professional Experience: Proposal to the Exhibition

The project that we are doing is about raising awareness of one of our main senses: hearing, and the deaf community. In the hopes of producing an event that people will react positively to. The exhibition will not be based specifically around a charity but the option will be given to donate to one at the end. The chosen charity will be invited to the exhibition opening night along with the local deaf community. We will promote our exhibition across a range of platforms: social media, posters, emails etc. with the aim of advertising it as much as possible before the opening night in order to gain as much public attention as possible. We want to try and get other people involved in our exhibition by asking them to collaborate with us and allow them to produce their own content for the exhibition. Through collaboration we are also hoping to find out more about the deaf community, which will provide us with more inspiration for our work. We want to keep a minimalistic feel to our exhibition but include several projects. The risk of this would be making the space feel too busy, this is what we want to avoid. However, we are still aiming to showcase a range of skills including sound, video, photography and projection.