Concepts and Approaches – Essay Notes

For this part of the module, I have to write a 3000 word essay. This can be about anything what we want, but the lectures that Daniel gives us, should guide us in a direction on a starting idea. To begin my research of the essay, I’ve written some notes which will help me come up with an introduction, and my essay will come along easier.

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Make a title to begin with, then break it down – this should be the starting point of the essay (introduction).

Engage yourself in a single image.

Memory of Fire – Images of War and War of Images

Begin to start reading books that interest you. Make notes. From this then make a title for the essay. Pick out different themes from the title. Define each word. Each can be chapter.

Chapter Themes:

  • Fashion photography and Gender.
  • black and white photography
  • Identity/representation
  • representation of the female body
  • gender roles
  • self image
  • distortion
  • blurred meaning
  • out of society
  • shift of perspective
  • no escape of thinking about images
  • post internet art
  • angel/devil
  • depression
  • media
  • true
  • photo journalism

Representation in:

  • Documentary photography
  • Press/media
  • Feminism
  • Exploitation
  • Photographer controls the story – edited, distorted, quotes, context.
  • Truth in photography

What has happened in the past?

Is it ethically right/correct

Don’t be too broad

Title: Main word/phrase first then unpicking it into paragraphs

Book to look into: Practical English Usage by Michael Swan (130 common mistakes)

INTRODUCTION – (500 words)

  • Overview of the essay
  • History
  • Area of concentration
  • Train of thinking
  • General understanding



  • Write objectively – 3rd
  • Don’t refer to ‘I’
  • Conclude each section
  • General statement

When referencing – title of the book in italics, then the year of publication in brackets

First Image (fig.1)

Second Image (fig. 2)

Put all images at the end of the essay separately