Community, Culture & Indentity – Places I Like In Coventry Video

We were set another little task as part of our online community the students in Romania. It was to produce a one minute video containing what we like about the city that we live in, in my case, this was Coventry. The task itself was easy, but I faced some challenges which I never thought could be a challenge. The students in Romania did the same, to allow us to see what their city and culture was like. Plus looking at different approaches to this task. No video would be the same as another, as this is a very opinionated task. Some people did their University house, as their favourite part of Coventry. I decided to look more upon the history and architecture. When walking through Coventry, I love to see all the old building in the back alley ways of Coventry, which most people aren’t familiar with.

As the video only had to be one minute long, I had to capture everyone very quickly. Making each clip no more than two seconds. As I hadn’t done any task with video, I wanted to make the most of it. I knew that in the media loan shop, the new canon camera came out which I haven’t tried out yet. So I thought this was the perfect opportunity for me to use this camera. The camera which I used was Canon 5D mark III. This was quiet a struggle at first because I was familiar with the features of the camera. However, I learnt it very quickly by watching YouTube tutorials on how to film with this camera.

When editing the video, I didn’t have that much struggle. This was because I used Premiere to edit this video. I had a handful of tutorials on it at the end of last year, which came into play when editing. One thing I had to think carefully with was the music. I didn’t want to use audio that washed out the video and that didn’t flow well with what I was filming. So I used a calm soundtrack to link to the video. The music I used in the video is called ‘It’s Not My Fault I’m Happy’ by Passion Pit.

If I had to change this video for improvement, I would of used a tripod. Therefore the camera would be less shakey and still. Overall I am very happy with this video. It will help me in the future, as I have learnt new ways to edit and film videos.