Professional Experience: Exhibition Update

This week the group and I wanted to find the venue and get that out of the way. We agreed that when we find an appropriate venue, it will help us structure what we can put in the space that we had.

The main thing that was in our mind when looking for a venue was if we wanted our exhibition a traditional one. When looking at spaces, these are the main questioned we had in our minds:

  1. Do we want a tradition exhibition, which plain walls and black frames.
  2. Is there enough space for the content we will produce.
  3. How long will we want the space for, and how long will we allowed to have the room/s
  4. How much will it be to hire for the required time.

The first venue that my group and I looked at was Fargo. When we went there they discussed prices and how long we wanted to hire the room for. This was something our group haven’t thought about yet. So this is something we need to discuss further. We explained what our concept of the exhibition was, and then they showed us what was appropriate for what we were doing. Here are some of the pictures that we took to keep record.

First thing we noticed when we walked in that it was huge! Maybe too huge? But it would be good as we could easily huge picture frames on the walls. Also, we could rent out this space for as long as we wanted, at a price of course. As it was huge, that would mean we would need to fill up the room with content.

We also viewed another space, pictures shown below:

We thought this place was too run down and urban to what we had in mind for our project. So we scrapped it straight away.