What Do You Think?

So, everyone has a Facebook? We all scroll down our timeline, peeping at the unnecessary posts from your friends cousins, sisters, ex boyfriends pet fishes mothers owner. Obviously not in a literal sense but I’m sure you get the humour! However, Facebook has become a bit more than that in the last few years. It’s now filled with videos12189135_2225569357640080_6233425461326904241_n and pictures which can have an inspirational message. Just recently I scrolled through my timeline and saw this picture.  The meaning becomes quite obvious from the first glance. So I decided to write a blog post to share what I think about this and my opinion on life’s morals and norms.

Everyone has heard the saying, one picture tells a thousand words. This pictures is a pure representation of what this saying shows. When I look at this picture, I instantly feel sympathy for the human. This is what the intentions were from the artist. Thinking that the dog is just an accessory for humans. We consume so much in our appearance, and we don’t see what really matters, and what we should be focusing on.  In some ways, this is right. We see all these films where rich upper class girls have tiny dogs in their handbags, as an accessory. Something which makes them have that stereotypical label.

When people think of accessories, they think of bracelets, bags, necklaces and other fashion items. Accessories are there to enhance an outfit or make a statement about their personality. Animals are now fallen down into that category. People choose exotic or unusual pets to suit their style. However, unlike a necklace, that you can take off and stick in a jewellery box, a living, breathing and animal needs real attention and care.

However, some may argue against this photo. Pets should be treated with love and care, just the same as humans. An animal could be in the same position as the human, but we give more sympathy for a human. Why is this?  It’s about empathy, not races. What we need to think about as humans is, what makes us different to any other living form.

I am a very strong believer that everyone has a soul. Whether you’re a dog, cat, horse, fox or elephant. We all have a heart and similar organs which make us living. God created us not to have this inequality within todays society. Appearance and intelligence is what makes us different. It’s nothing to make us unequal to each other. Bringing up a pet from birth is just like having a child. We accept pets as family members. Just because we don’t speak the same language, or have the same mannerism as each other. It does not mean we are more superior as anything else.

Many people walk on by without a second glance at poverty and don’t care. It’s very rare to find someone who will give a care and help starving people. There are more commercials against animal abuse than child abuse. Next time you’re relaxing at home on any given day, count the commercials for abused animals as opposed to children or even human abuse as a whole, and you’d be surprised. Should we be more concerned for animals than we are to humans? What make it so different? Is it because as humans, we relate to humans more because we are humans. Then again, if humans help humans out, why can’t dogs help dogs out. Why is it that we, as a more developed and intelligent animal, have to gain the responsibility to help other animals out.

In some ways I disagree with the dog being in the picture, why can’t it be a mouse, or pigeon. This is because we would prefer a better looking/cleaner animal. So this goes back to my point in animals being an accessory. We would much prefer a pet that goes towards the societies norms of being a pet. Where we neglect the wild animals. We chose to pet the animals which is now seen to be a common household pet. So then they became a house pet. If we didn’t care for dogs, they would be more vicious and wild due to evolution.

This is a very controversial image which gives thousands of opinions and probably would cause a debate. So what do we all think?

to be continued…