Task 4 – Private Spaces

The subject my group and I were given to make a response to was ‘Private Spaces’. As a group we discussed each other’s ideas and picked one we were most interested in. For this task we wanted to represent how, as a city, we hide away from the world, and how people protect their private spaces. We discussed our several ideas with our international partners, which they gave us more information in relation to how their city is private. When we discussed ideas, we then decided to go with my idea. This idea was to photograph how houses are closed off at night. We wanted to create a series of images to show how houses use curtains to close themselves off from the outside world. When discussing this idea with our international partners in Bucharest, they gave us an insight on how they use curtains. They expressed that they use very thick materials to close off the world.

‘Here everyone window has curtains, maybe is more than intimacy or private space. I may put it in the political sphere. For eg. In the communist’s regime, people were not allowed to watch the parades from their windows, more than that it was somehow mandatory to have the curtains closed. And this kind of private space is interesting. I also find it interesting and amusing too that in cities where houses don’t have so many curtains people dress more careful at home – some images from Amsterdam, small cities in Germany and maybe France come to my mind. Anyway, here we have thick curtains and home clothing… and home clothing’s are the things that you cannot wear in public. My friends laugh me at when I am dressed in ‘pyjamas’ when I am in my own house. I switch immediately when I enter my home because it is the only way I feel comfortable, while my friends would stay in their outside clothes when indoors. I think it can be an interesting subject. We usually don’t get pictured in our home clothes, they are private, maybe dirty or they just don’t look good on us. We would never think of going outside to the centre in our pyjamas… but I often think in some cases, it can be a good idea’.

We found this insight of their city very interesting and similar to our own. Almost everyone hides themselves in their homes because this is somewhere people keep private. Whether someone is ill, or just having a lazy day, they hide themselves in their homes because they are not presentable to go outside.

From this task I’ve learnt to be a team leader. My team members liked to be told what to do, so I took on the role of being the person that made sure everything was in on time. I also gained confidence talking about my work. I put myself forward as spokesperson, so I talked to the students in Bucharest, as well as presenting it to my class. If I would of changed one thing about this task, I would have made sure other people in my team took more photos to contribute the final images.