The Dive

As this was an old location, the group and I didn’t know of it of the top of our heads. So we needed research into The Dive to help us gain more information. We set ourselves roles in the group to help collect information. We knew that the aim of this task was to consider time space and history, to produce a piece of work that responds to the site today. So we needed to look into the library for information about the history of the location. After much research into the library and online, we found information that helped us get started on a project. We concluded that the information online was most helpful. We found a group on Facebook, which contained the people who were local people who went to The Dive. We used them as our first hand research as they could provide us more information. However, we struggled to get a reply in the time space of this project. We decided as a group to make a video, showing achieves which we have gathered from our research. The video shows how the building has changed within the space of 50 years. From this task I have learnt how to become a team leader. Some group members needed someone to direct them, and this became my role. I also gained a lot of confidence showing my own work. I was the one who gathered the images, and produced a video to bring the work together. Then my other team members gave me feedback on the final video. I has also learnt different ways to gather research, online and through the library. The aim of this task was to consider the past and present of the location and use collective skills and creativity to respond to this task collaboratively. I believe my team and I have succeeded as we worked together to produce a video, showing the past and present of the location.