201MC – Website

In order to produce portfolio and let readers keep up to with my projects, I created a website in order for my work to be presented in a professional manner. I wanted to create a website so that I can use it on my description on my social media platforms and future business cards etc. Therefore, if people want to see more of my work they can, and they can get in contact with me easily.

Things I have learnt throughout creating this website/portfolio and also how this will better my viewing audience:

  • ‘Open as new tab’ – when the viewer clicks on a link on mine on the website, the link will be opened on a new tab rather than on the current tab. This will allow more views on the website and more time spent by the audience.
  • Simple colours and layouts will make the website look tidy –  it will make the website look more attractive. 
  • Having researched other photographers websites such as, James Canon and Davy Priestly, I noticed that their name is displayed at the bottom of the website. This can be erased but I wanted to keep it as it looks very professional. 


Homepage: I wanted to use a very simple layout and colours. On my homepage it comes up with my name in large at the top, I think this is effective as the audience knows that they are looking at my work. The images I used on the home page are ones throughout different projects. I used these images as I thought the colours of them worked together and it makes the homepage look very professionally laid out. Black and White are my main colours within my portfolio, so I wanted to make this consistent throughout my website.

Projects: For this aspect of the website, I made a drop down which shows all the projects that I have provided on this website. I did this so that it would be easy and straight forward for my audience to view each projects. Each project, I haven’t put descriptions about them. I want my audience to try and figure this out for themselves. In the hopes that I may get some emails to explain a project, and I can gain contacts who are interested in my work.

About: In the About section I have included a little bit about myself. This is as important than the projects as the viewer can get to know what my interests are. I have also attached my WordPress account so that viewers can keep up to date with my recent projects. I have also included my Instagram so that they can look at my images on the go.

Contact: On my website, it is a very important aspect that I have my contact details. This way I may receive potential employers to investigate my work and get in contact with me. I have entered my phone number and email address. Also, I used a box in which viewers can instantly send me an email without even opening up a new tab and going to their email. I thought this was quick and easy for my audience, and it will make them more willing to email me.


I have only included works of mine on the website that I am proud of, therefore, it is only a small percentage of my work that I have shown on my website. I used this website as a location where people who are interested in my work can see and view what I am up to. I am very happy with the outcome as the colours layout makes it look very professional.

This module requires me to show the work that I have done throughout the year. The work I have produced was mainly fashion based and sometimes shoots weren’t at my best ability. I used this module as an opportunity to better myself as a studio and fashion photographer and I believe I have definitely done so. Therefore, as time goes on, I will gain more professional experience which will allow me to improve. With improvement I can create work to my full potential, which can then be displayed on my website. I have designed my website in order that I can upload as many projects as I can, and it will not look cluttered.

As a photographer, having an online portfolio is vital. I wanted to create an online space rather than a physical copy of my portfolio because I wanted to hit a wider audience. Anyone can stumble across my website as the internet is owned my millions of people. At the moment, I am a beginner in the photography industry and my name isn’t that important. Therefore, having an online space will increase my popularity as more people can view it. When I get higher in the industry, thats when I think it is appropriate to have a physical portfolio of my work, so that people can come and find it. I have made my website a way that people can view my other networks online, such as my WordPress and Instagram. So my reader can see what work I have done and what I am currently working on.

Overall, I am very happy with how my website looks. I have learnt so many design skills which I can apply when I eventually create a physical portfolio. Creating a website wasn’t easy for me. I have gained new ways of looking at my work and how it can be presented on one space. It has also built my confidence up. Looking at my work in a professional manner has given me the confidence to produce more bodies of work, which I can upload on my website.

Here is a link to my online portfolio:



Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 13.09.36