201MC – Voyce Clothing

Voyce Clothing is a street clothing brand owned by Jon Crawford and Max Hammond. They were in need of a photographer and a studio to shoot for their website. I knew from past experiences in the studio that I am not an expert, but I wanted to give this a try.

Having no experience in the studio with only me as the sole photographer, I was quite nervous. I understood what the client needed before shooting, and also made sure Max and Jon was happy with how the images are turning out. I was definitely putting myself out of my comfort zone. I had to think back to my workshops at the beginning of University where I was introduced to the studio and lighting. Luckily I kept my notes from these workshops and used them as a guideline. As this was my first time in the studio, I wanted to experiment with all different lighting techniques.

As this was my first shoot in the studio by myself, I believe it went well. I have learnt from my mistakes at the beginning go the shoot and worked to overcome them by the end. In some images, I knew that the lighting was very off, which I have left from and now I can say that I have gained confidence as a studio photographer. I took around 500 images so I had a lot to work with after the shoot. This was important for me as a beginner. As I could pick out the ones that worked well, as most of them didn’t go to plan.

With every other shoot I attend I make sure that I give my contact details to anyone who I meet, in case they need further shoots in the future. I know that I have articulated what worked well and what didn’t and now I know what to do in the future.

When visiting Voyce Clothing’s website later after the shoot, I realised that my image was put onto their website. This was such a confidence boost and my photographs have never been published on an online shop before. This has given me the motivation to work more in the fashion industry and now I know that Voyce was happy with my work. I hope that Voyce contact me again with more work in the future.

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 16.26.21


Following up on this experience, they emailed me again asking for another shoot. They had a new release of snapbacks which they needed a photographer to shoot for them. This was very new to me as I was more interested in photographing clothing and not accessories. I wanted to take on this role as it was very different to what I had in mind when I thought of fashion photography. This again, will broaden my understanding of fashion photography as well as introduce me to more aspects of the industry.

Before this shoot, I rethought back to my previous shoot with them. I knew that I needed to up my game when walking in the studio and apply what I learnt to this following shoot. I asked the Voyce team if they were interested doing it in the studio or outside of the studio. They replied saying that they were interested in doing something outside the studio. This made me feel more confident as I knew I was more capable of photographing outside the studio.

They sent me a photograph of the snapback before the shoot to help me see what i was in for. When looking at the hat I thought it was quite simple. It was in black and grey which meant I didn’t need to worry about highlighting bold colours. I asked them what they wanted their background to be. Not being very into street fashion myself I knew that I needed to carry out some research in other similar brands. The main fashion brand I thought that was relatable to Voyce was Just Hype. I always see people wearing this brand so I new it was very popular. I looked at their website and saw what sort of area they photograph in. Most shoots were located with bold wallpaper and bright/vibrant backgrounds. Here is a photograph of what I discovered,Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 13.56.24

After researching into Just Hype, I then gave some suggestions to Voyce on what locations to think about. Although they appreciated my input, they wanted to keep it very simple. With the previous shoot I had done for them, it was in the studio with a white background, so they wanted to keep this consistent throughout their website. As I have been living in Coventry for a while now, they asked me if I knew a place with a white brick wall. I knew the exact place and took them there on the day of the shoot.

Here are some of the images on this shoot,

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I am very happy with how this shoot turned out. I made sure that Max and Jon were happy also as they were the ones I wanted to please. Photographing accessories instead of clothing was relatively easier. As clothing has many folds which sometimes distorts the logo on the clothing. Whereas with this snapback, it doesn’t loose its shape, this is easier for me.

Later on after the shoot I realised again that they used my picture for the website. Shown below,

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 14.12.43


Throughout this shoot I learnt:

  • More about the fashion industry: I knew that researching in the fashion area which voyce was competing with was very important. Through research I gathered more information about street fashion that I didn’t know before. This will help me in the future as I know more about street fashion and its competitors. I am now more commercial aware on how to photograph an object that will be advertised on Voyce Clothings website
  • Adapting to the environment: I went to location which I knew of but never photographed at. I knew that my job was to focus the snapbacks in the photograph to make sure it was pleasing to the eye. 
  • Confidence: From photographing for Voyce at the beginning, it was a confidence boost that they asked to me to be their photographer for another shoot. I have gained a secure contact which I am sure I will work for again in the future. Also they have included my pictures for their website again for another item. I believe now that I am a valuable photographer for their line of work and as my confidence increases, my photography will only get better.
  • Keeping in Contact with clients: If I didn’t keep Voyce Clothings contacts at the first shoot, I would never had been given the opportunity to photograph another item of theirs. I have learnt that making yourself remembered by your clients is important and it will benefit you for the future.


I have also gained more work from this company which has allowed me to be a part of their journey as designers. They also asked me to photograph some beanies for them which is shown in the photograph below. This has only made me into a stronger photographer and it has definitely advised me on what it would be like to work for a higher fashion brand. I have enjoyed my time working with Voyce Clothing and it has made me excited for more fashion work with other companies.


Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 14.17.08