201MC – Promoting Myself

Promotion is so vital being a freelancer! From having an artist talk with James Canon, he ensured us that having social media accounts helps people notice who you are and have potential employers view your work. I’ve been thinking about setting myself up with an Instagram and Twitter for a while but I always avoid doing so. I don’t know why, but the concept of them isn’t really what I wanted to do. However, with Exhibitions coming up, I felt like this is the prime time where I really needed a space where people can look at my work further.

James Canon:


A Snapshot from James Canon’s Instagram

James came to the University and talked about his own work. He expressed that presentation and having a portfolio was very important. Social media accounts is what your audience views. They don’t see ‘Charlotte’ on a personal level, they just see the quality of your work. This got me thinking and I realised looking at other photographers Instagram’s, that it’s so true! James showed his own Instagram and enlightened us how he presents his own work. He indicated ‘imagine your Instagram is an exhibition of your own work, It needs to look professional’. He expressed that each photograph should relate to each other, in order to have a flowing portfolio. He also explained that the name of social media accounts is also important. You need to name your social media accounts that relate to you. Include your name, and if you are a photographer. Also it is important to follow people who are in your industry. Follow different photographers, so that they are more than likely to view your work.

I have taken this all on board and considered how I can create my own Instagram account. There are so many aspects to think about, which include,

  • Name of social media accounts – make it consistent
  • Description which follows alongside your account. Don’t make it too long, but include everything that you’re interested in. Also include links to your other social media accounts.
  • Make the images flow with each other – It’s your own exhibition of your work.
  • Make it look professional
  • Spelling
  • Follow people who are in the same industry as you

My Instagram: charlotteharephotography


A Snapshot from my Instagram


I took on board all the advice which James Canon suggested and I am happy with the result. I get so excited to post a new photo as it’s something of my own. I made sure that the description was not too much but not too little. Also, once I make a Twitter account for myself, I will relay that information on my Instagram.  I also had a look at other photographers Instagram and made mine have the same sense of professionalism. I kept my username very straight forward. I didn’t want to have a very long winded one, as this may put people off. It’s so nice having an Instagram account for my photography, as it demonstrates the work I put into each photograph. Instagram is a very quick medium which people can view each image very quickly and get an understanding of my photography.  Since making this account, I have gained followers which I had not expected. Other artists are following me, which means I can get inspiration from their photos.  Instagram is something I enjoy going on, as it always inspires me with how I can approach subjects.







Twitter: HarePhotography

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 15.15.18Twitter is something I am always on. I follow so many different people in the photographic industry that it allows me to understand and inspire other bodies of work. It’s surprising that it has come to now that I am just making a photography twitter for myself. I decided to look again at James Canon’s twitter. From this talk I knew what he was talking about so I’m sure that all his social media accounts portray the same as his Instagram. When viewing his Instagram and Twitter, he seems to have the same style. He keeps everything very simple. Which works effectively as it’s not too much to look at. Twitter is an excellent way of connecting and sharing opinions with people who are interested in the same things as you. Twitter is a space where I constantly share my own photography and also share articles which I find interesting, which I hope that my followers think are interesting too. Having a twitter has given me confidence in sharing my own work. I follow photographers in the hopes that I gain photographers to follow me.

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 15.23.33