201MC – Visiting 201MC Exhibitions

Within this module it is required for students to undertake an exhibition. As you might of known from my previous blog posts, my class got into four small groups to run four very different exhibitions. Every exhibition was held within one week but we made sure the exhibitions didn’t run at the same time. Going to each exhibition really gave me motivation for my own photography, like any other exhibition. Discovering new ideas and new ways to capture different situations is why I attend exhibitions, as it contributes to my understanding of photography. Attending each exhibition has allowed me to witness what worked and what didn’t, so I could take on board the advantages in my future planning.

Semi-Natural: 25th February 2016



12688102_10207631673444104_6497781442439746854_nSemi Natural was one of my favourites. It was in a small room which was ideal as everyone could talk to each other about the work. It’s amazing how such a small space can be filled so elegantly with amazing art. The environment was very professional. As I walked in I instantly felt like I was in an art show in the centre of London. I had not been to this location before, and I am sure to go there again when needed to run another exhibition. When talking to the Semi-Natural team, they stressed that a lot of work was put into the room. They moved a lot of things around to fit everything in. This was a real eye opener for me, it has taught me to have an open mind and a run down space can turn into something very professional. When it comes to booking a venue, I now know that you need to think outside the box. Have a vision in your head before hand and try and view this in the space (without the crap inside).

The work at this exhibition was definitely something I was interested in. Although the work was produced in many different mediums, such as books, frames or projection. All the work fitted together as they all had the same style, which made the exhibition tick! It was a very urban atmosphere which led the audience to feel a certain way. The audio recordings played in the room was something I had never thought of before. It really set the scene and it is definitely something to think about. All the small things stood out for me, from the frames to the leaflets! Everything stood out which made the work unforgettable.

Promotion stood out to me. The logo looked so professional which made my expectations of the exhibition high. Nearly everyday something was posted on their Facebook event which meant everyone got reminded about the event.

From this exhibition, I have come away with inspiration for my next exhibition. It has made me think about different ways in presenting work, such as polaroids and projectors. This is something I want to try in the future with my own bodies of work. It has also made me realise that promotion is the most important part prior to the exhibition. If there is not enough promotion, then not many people would attend.

Faces of Community: 23rd February 2016



Myself at the exhibition!

This exhibition included work that I’m not particularly interested in. However, it was such an eye opening experience. This exhibition was so different to the rest. This was the only exhibition that worked with other people. Working with so many groups of people such as Food banks and Nurseries really highlighted the experience and taught me so much about it. This exhibition wasn’t about the photographs, but what stories are behind the photos. The work reminded me of Humans of New York, as the description that went along with the photos told the story of the people in it. This is something I will consider for my future exhibitions.

As I walked in I could really feel the sense of community. The crowd of people was much different to the other exhibitions. The people in which this exhibition worked with came along, and it made the atmosphere so welcoming. It felt like I was apart of the exhibition team as I got talking to so many different people which I had never of thought working with them. The community group looked so happy viewing the work, which made me realise what this exhibition was all about.

The promotion really helped me with finding the exhibition. As the location was somewhere I’ve never been before, as well as being on the other side of Coventry, the map on the Facebook page really helped me. This is something I didn’t think of when promoted MODA. As the map really helped me, I’m sure it helped other people. This is something I will take on board for the future.

From this exhibition, I have learnt that it’s not about the artwork and how it is presented exactly, its about the story which comes along with the pictures. It has made me realise to highlight what I want to say about my own photography.

Trace: 22nd February 2016

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 14.16.50

This exhibition was the first one I visited. I didn’t know what to expect as Trace is a very broad concept. I loved this exhibition. The atmosphere was very indie which also translated in the work. The work was all very different but I quickly realised why they named their exhibition trace. It was very interesting to see different themes of work coming down to one particular word. It has taught me that many different projects can stem from one concept.

This exhibition was the only one alongside MODA with a live band. This made the atmosphere so chilled and allowed guests to socialise. When I walked in it seemed very busy, which was something I noticed instantly. The pieces of work was displayed in one room, then the band was performing in the other. I loved this idea, as it was background music when in the art room, then when I was finished looking at everyones work, I could watch the band perform. This is something which was very different with MODA.

Trace was promoted very well. Almost wherever I went the week prior the event, I saw so many leaflets and hand outs. This was something that made this exhibition busy, which was what we needed at MODA. As I said with Semi Natural, it made me realise how important promotion was.


Overall, attending every exhibition was a good experience for me. It was amazing to see the support of my cohorts at each event. I can see everyones hard work put into each exhibition, and it definitely pulled off.  Each exhibition was very different to each other, and I have learnt so much from attending each of them.

Initial things which I have learnt from each exhibition:

  • Promotion is so important
  • The logo is the face of the exhibition – make it stand out!
  • Frames/projection is something I have yet to experiment with.
  • Don’t judge a location from its contents – have a vision and see if the room fits it.
  • Work with people you haven’t before – invite them to the exhibition.
  • Audio playing over the exhibition
  • Have a map on the social media accounts – IT HELPS A LOT!!!
  • It’s not about art, its about the story
  • Live music sets the mood
  • Alcohol makes more people come to the event