201MC – Karro

Caroline Karro is a designer and former Coventry University student. I got her contact by working on MODA as she was going to showcase her garments on the catwalk. She needed to take photographs of her gowns for an interview that she was attending the day after the shoot. Therefore, I needed to understand what she wanted from the shoot and how I could portray this with lighting and directing the model.

This experience is all knew to me. I wanted to come out of my comfort zone and photograph something I had never done before. Fashion photography is something out of my style. I wanted to do this shoot to help me realise what it would be like photographing for a magazine etc.

Karro had chosen the location herself, which was not in a studio. This was a bit of an experiment for me, as I have not done a shoot that requires me to bring lighting myself. She sent me a few images of the location prior to the shoot to help me figure out what sort of lighting I needed.


As it was a bright space, I knew that lighting really wouldn’t be an issue. I knew that the garments were all black, so I needed to light the materials perfectly, so the outlines of the clothes would be shown.

Karro had a vision in her head that she wanted from this shoot so it was important for me to understand exactly what she wanted. Throughout the shoot I would show her the images I had taken just to make sure she was happy with the final outcome. When I knew she was happy I would continue.

Editing these images took longer than expected. It was not until after the shoot that I realised that the lighting was not at its best. It was a struggle for me to highlight the elements of the materials as the garments were all in black. Editing them so much put me off the idea of photoshop, as I am not an expert in the first place. As Karro needed the photographs the next day, I kept in contact with her to show her what I was doing while editing, as she might not agree with my style of edits.

If I were to redo this shoot again, I would make sure that the lighting was lit perfectly, to highlight the models face and the garments. Also, I would make sure that I had more time in editing the images, to allow the photographs not to be rushed.

Karro is a designer based in Coventry, so I kept her contact details just in case she needed another shoot. Hopefully she will remember me from this shoot so she  could recommend me to any other designers that she knows.

Overall I am very happy that I took this opportunity. It was all very new for me as I had not done anything fashion based before. It has taught me to photograph clothes, and think as a photographer new ways to highlight new objects. I have gained confidence in fashion photography and I can now say that I enjoy it very much. This shoot has taught me the expected and it has completed the aims I wanted out of the experience.

Behind the scene of this shoot.


Some of the things I have taken away/learnt from this shoot.

  • Photoshop editing
  • Gaining contacts
  • Trying to understand what my client needed
  • Using lighting equipment in a new area
  • Adapting to the space provided

Final Images.