201MC – Locale Exhibition

Lens Locale is a student led exhibition showing works from Community, Culture and Identity. Unlike MODA, my own work will be showcase at this exhibition which is completely new to me. Therefore, I needed to focus on elements that I did not need to think about when planning for MODA. This exhibition was voluntary, which meant that I needed to think about the things that I learnt from my previous exhibition and articulate them into this one.

When organising for MODA, I knew that social media was my strong point. Therefore, this was why I opted to be part of the social media team for this exhibition also. This allowed me to take things from MODA and do better this time around. At the start of this exhibition there was a group meeting which all teams came together to talk about what needed to be done within each role group. I was the only one who turned up from the Social Media team, therefore I put myself forward to make sure all elements was completed by other members of the team. We discussed that we needed a Instagram, Twitter and Facebook page. To allow everyone in Coventry to know about the exhibition.

Planning for this exhibition was a little bit harder than I expected. As there was fifteen other people running alongside me, it was difficult to get together and make sure everyone was happy and on board with decisions. To allow this to work, we had a google doc which everyone was apart of. In this google doc we would discuss many things that was necessary for everyone to know about. This made it easier to get opinions across, and get things done quickly. As it was anonymous, it was easier to get everyones opinions as people were more willing to disagree with the majority vote.

Deciding elements that are included in the google doc:

  • Guest list
  • Allocating people in role teams
  • How long should the exhibition should be open for
  • Everyones description which was going to be printed out alongside their work.
  • Name making – voting poll
  • Allocating people to do shifts after the opening night.
  • Financing

Google doc: CCIExhibition-Everythingweneed

As well as a google doc, we had a Facebook page. This was an easier way to get in touch with people quickly. If there things that were needed to discuss with the entire class, people would post on the page and everyone will get notified.

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 23.01.47

A snapshot from the Facebook page

As I was part of the marketing team, we had a Facebook group to discuss options about different aspects of the teams roles. This was a space where we could invite people to contribute to different decision making. etc.

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 23.28.58

A snapshot from the Facebook page

When visiting the exhibition location a few days prior to the opening night, it was a lot different to MODA. Moda was a very big space with no corners in the walls and the walls were painted completely white. It was a stressful visit as not all students turned up to help set up for the opening night. There were some things that we needed last minute which needed to be bought from our budget. It was a lot less organised that my previous exhibition. I believe it was because there were so many people planning for this event, that many people believed that all the jobs were taken. This made the little jobs harder. Many people dropped out of showcasing their work on the opening night, which led to having more space for less bodies of work.

Also on the day of the opening night, I decided that a plinth wouldn’t work to my benefit to showcase my book. I thought that a plinth was too high and people looking at my work wouldn’t pick my book up and have a look at it if it were too high for eyes reach. Therefore I decided to buy a black box which I could attach to the wall and my book could be placed inside. This was a better alternative to a plinth because it was different to everyone else’s displays, which worked to my advantage. More people came to my work as the box was more interesting. I felt like a book wasn’t enough. The white walls made my work look very basic and not inviting. Therefore I thought that printing out the best photographs from inside the book would be more inviting. I went to the print shop the day before the opening night and printed out four photos from my book. This helped my presentation dramatically and enticed my audience before opening the book.My work was at a good spot in the room. It was near the entrance which meant my work was one of the first to be looked at.

The opening night went really well. All the stress everyone went through was forgotten and it was really nice to talk to my cohorts with music and wine.

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 23.56.27

My work that was displayed at Locale


Personal week to week diary showing what was done per week:

1st Feburary 2016

  • Figuring out how many people was going to be exhibiting
  • Group meeting – Only me from the social media team turned up
  • Finding locations to hold the exhibition
  • Allocating people into role teams

15th February 2016

  • Emailing the Glass box
  • Deciding on dates of the exhibition
  • Deciding on how long we want to exhibition to run for
  • Name of exhibition

29th February 2016

  • Waiting on the design team to design a logo, so we can get started on setting up a social media account
  • Setting up all accounts of social media: Instagram, Twitter and Facebook
  • Deciding who would run each social network

7th March 2016

  • Rewording the tagline to go alongside the Logo and name of the exhibition
  • Deciding on the name of the Instagram
  • Setting up an email account that all social media accounts could use to register

21st March 2016

  • Getting everyone to send one image from their project to the email address, so we can post images on Instagram.
  • Everyone give £5 in to help fund for printing and exhibition space hire.

4th April 2016

  • Make sure all social media accounts are up to date
  • Making sure I have my work ready to exhibit

19th April 2016

  • Visiting the exhibition space
  • Put my own work up to see what it looked like
  • Go to the print shop to get some photos printed to go alongside my book
  • Get a box to hold my book on the wall
  • Finalise my work on the wall
  • Bring along wine glasses to the glass box
  • Opening night

23rd April 2016

  • Looking after the exhibition with Ellie

25th April 2016

  • Collect everyones work from the exhibition space and tidy!


Things I would change and redo:

  • I would plan more ahead: In this case, we had many people drop out of showing their work, which meant that roles were abandoned and were not allocated again to other people.
  • PROMOTE MORE!! The planning for this event went very quickly and we didn’t give ourselves enough time to promote around Coventry. This was mainly due to having our easter break just before the week of opening night.


In conclusion, I am very happy how this exhibition turned out and I believe that I have learnt a lot from it. Displaying my own work was a whole new ballgame for me, and I know I have learnt a lot from it.  This exhibition was solely planned by students from my class so it was very different without the guidance of our tutors. It was a very different experience compared to my previous exhibition as I was planning for a more chilled out atmosphere. I took on curation in the marketing team which helped my gain leadership skills. This has given me more confidence in directing people with job titles, and I had to make sure each social media accounts were on top of posts. Alongside this role I also took on little jobs nearer the day, such as getting wine glasses for the night and getting some more appliances for the night. Being a leader on a team made me realise that you do not have a solid job title. Little things popped up which needed to be done. It has allowed me to see that meeting deadlines is extremely important! And for those who did not put enough effort in, the jobs were put on another person who is more willing to cooperate. I have also realised that I have got to know people in the class a lot more than I did before hand. This has helped me a lot, as I can see who puts in a lot more work than others. Overall, I know that I have strengthened my skills in showcasing my own work. I have developed my design skills and know how to adapt my work to a space.  With all the things I have learnt, I can say that I am more confident in the next exhibition I run and I know now what I am good at and what I need working on.



Here are some images of the opening night: