201MC – MODA Engagement Element

Alongside the exhibition, it was vital for us that we needed to involve the community. Having talks with Antony, we realised how important it was and how not only we can learn from it, but the community can too!

My group and I decided together what we could do that would be beneficial for students from Stratford College and also for ourselves. We began by discussing what was important in photography and how we use our skills to create the perfect image. We listed elements such as,

  • Lighting
  • Positioning
  • White Balance
  • Correct exposure
  • Lens
  • Depth of Field

We thought what would be a more accessible element which is available to us without cost and quantity of equipment. LIGHTING!! Lighting is such a vital key to a good photograph as it change the mood of any picture. Therefore how to use lighting can be beneficial for the students as they can carry this on throughout their photographic lives.

Not only teaching them about lighting, we decided we would give them an insight on how we ran the exhibition. This would be discussed for the first half of their visit. Each person in the group would talk about their role in organising the event, and what we learnt by the end. Following this, we would walk round the class to have a look at the photographs on the walls, in hope that they would be inspired with their own photography. Each photographer would talk about how lighting helped enhance the photograph and how they went about setting up lighting. With this, it would teach students how to overcome lighting issues. For the second half of the visit we organised a workshop working around lighting. We asked students to bring their own camera, and with the help of natural light and artificial light which was in the building already, they were to create an image. We would put the class into small groups and each group would receive a mood. For example, Sad, happy, or scared. They were to recreate these moods using the appropriate lighting which they had to find themselves in the area. By the end of this workshop we would showcase everyones images and give feedback to them, highlighting what they could have done and how to improve next time. In the hope that they have learnt something new.

Unfortunately on the day of our exhibition, teachers at colleges were on strike, and it was a voluntary trip for the student. This led to only one person to turn up to our talk, but left quickly before we got started.