201MC – Mercê Moda

Knowing from my previous experience with Karro, I knew that I was confident enough to carry on with fashion photography, however, I still need a bit more guidance. With my experience with Karro, I know now that I enjoy fashion photography and maybe I can take this path in the future. In order for me to learn I needed to work alongside a shoot for me to write notes and take inspiration from the photography. As I was planning for MODA I was in contact with the fashion department at the University a lot. Which meant many designers came to me and my fellow photographers for free photo shoots. I knew that I couldn’t let this slip as I needed as much experience as I could.

While photographing for Karro, I made sure that she kept my contact and I kept hers. Also on this shoot I met a former student from Coventry University which was in the same boat as Karro. She needed shoots in order to make her work shown for interviews. Jacque Richards is the owner of the clothing brand Mercê Moda, she came the photography department and asked if any photographer would be willing to photograph a look book for her new collection. The photographer role was already filled but I asked if I could join in, which I did.

It was a successful shoot. I had learnt a lot from sitting on the sidelines, as well as giving advice to the model and photographer. There was also two make up artists who were backstage at this shoot. I made sure I gave them my contact, so they can reach me for further shoots if needed. This shoot was very different to Karros shoot, the clothes was very bright which was easier to highlight in the photographs. Also this shoot was shot in the studio. This was a new ballgame for me as I have yet to work with fashion student in this environment. I am glad that I have learnt many different aspects of studio work and it will benefit me for the future.

From this shoot I have learnt:

  • Using new camera equipment
  • Using studio lighting
  • How to sync lights to camera
  • How to sync the camera to a PC
  • Gained confidence talking to strangers about photography
  • Help give advice to model, on how to position herself to highlight different parts of the garment
  • Gaining new contacts – Makeup artists/photographer/model/designer

Later on after this shoot I realised that the photographs were not sent to Jaques on time, which meant she had missed her deadline. This was something I was very shocked about. The lack of professionalism from the photographer has made me realise that you have so much responsibility. I would recommend myself next time to work with people who have the same work ethic as myself, to make sure that the bad judgement doesn’t reflect on myself.

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