Phonar – Finding Workshop Tasks

Recently in Phonar we’ve been doing some tasks which has challenge the class as a whole. Instead of being assigned different assignment, the glass were to make them together. This post is dedicated to show what I’ve been doing the past two weeks, and these assignments will be related to my task two!

Melissa Harris: Exquisite Corpse

This assignment was created by Melissa Harris. At the beginning of this task my class and I wrote a tweet to summarise what the assignment was asking us to do. The tweets are shown here,

Based on a game of pass and fold. Form a group. Each photograph a section of your body. #phonar2016 #MelissaHarris #PhotographersPlaybook

Send image to next group member with the purpose of building a full body image collage. #phonar2016 #MelissaHarris #PhotographersPlaybook

This assignment requires me to become a group. This assignment is to make a body out of all of the group members bodies. I used to play this game when I was younger, but instead of photographing the body part, I would draw them. Then at the end, a funny and almost strange body would be created. Everyone in the group had many ideas, so we discussed them all and thought of the best one. We went to a pretty garden which was behind the Transport Museum in the centre of town. I didn’t realise this garden existed as I had not been there before. I will definitely be going back to this location as it is filled with beautiful plants and ponds. It was Dan’s idea to all lay on the grass and take the picture from above. We all then took in turns to take a picture of a different persons body part, just as Melissa Harris suggested. As there were four members in the group, we split the body into quarters. Head, shoulders to waist, waist to knees, and knees to feet. When we took all the images, Chloe offered to photoshopped them all together. When she finished, she showed us all and we were very happy with what we all created. It almost looks very real which was something we wanted.

As the class were put into different groups for this project, it was interesting to see how everyone else approached this assignment. Everyone’s final image was very different to each others. Groups made their images from collages and layering each image on top of each other. One group even made a gif, showing the body as a moving image. Although we had the same set brief, it was so interesting to see everyone’s final work. It has shown me that there can be so many outcomes from one assignment.

I loved this assignment, and I really enjoyed creating the final image. It was something that I hadn’t done before in a photographic form. I would love to carry on with this project to see what over bodies I could make from different characters. My group and I only had an hour for this task, yet we made something really interesting. If I had more time with this task, I would experiment with different locations and different people.


Our final Image



Christine Shank:  Photograph The Object In Your Bag

This task was the most challenging, however the most fun! Here are the tweets the class and I conducted to summaries what the task was about,

You have 1 hour to make 1 image with material in your bag. You must work alone & outside #phonar2016 #PhotographersPlaybook #ChristineShank

Material MUST be in image. People cannot be main focus. Enjoy experimentation & play! #phonar2016 #PhotographersPlaybook #ChristineShank

I was very excited for this project as I knew that if my object was out of the ordinary, it would challenge me as a photographer. I needed to think outside of the box and experiment with photography and narrative. Making my object the focus of the picture can be challenging, as the item could be something I had never used in my photography before. It was a really simple brief, however very difficult.

I was nervous to look into my bag as I didn’t know what to expect. In the end I took out the object of the bag and it was balloons. I thought to myself that this was going to be difficult.  I literally wanted to go back and swap it for another bag, but that wasn’t the point of this task. The task was set to challenge me as it wasn’t something I would normally photograph. I began by walking by my own around Coventry and looking around to see where I could place these balloons. I firstly put it on a worn out and frayed window. I didn’t really know why. I thought that this vibrant balloon needed to be placed in contrast to a worn out object. Then looking back on the photo, it didn’t really show want I wanted to narrative to be. I then walked around a bit more and saw a willow tree. I attached the balloons on the end of the slender branches and took photos. I thought the images looked good from this angle, but I experimented a bit more. The balloon wasn’t just any old ballon with a block colour. It was a marble effect which was something I wanted to bring out in my photograph. I loved the lines in the marble and I wanted to put the balloon against something which had lines and patterns to connect with the balloon. I threw one ballon in the air and captured it with the tree in the background. The photo reminds me of something an indie artist would have as their album cover.

I am really happy with how I approached this concept, and by the end I loved it! I loved how my photograph turned out and now I have gained new ways of photographing an object that I would not necessary use. It has given me the confidence that I can do something like this again, instead of wanting to swap my object like I wanted to do at the beginning.

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Our final Image


Shawn Records: Using The Dice To Guide You

Using dice. First roll determines quantity. Second is time/distance #phonar2016 #ShawnRecords #PhotographersPlaybook


This was the most exciting project for me. I was so excited to discover new places and find things that would be interesting for a photograph. The aim of Shawn Records assignment was to make oneself aware of new ways of photography. Photograph something which you wouldn’t normally photograph. Using the dice, it will determine where you will go to take your final photographs.

I used the dice to determine where it will take me and in the end I needed to take three photographs after the 6th building I walked past traveling North West. I am not used to walking around by myself into new areas. I used the compass on my phone to show me where I needed to go. It took me to a place where I knew of, however, I had never really took the time to look around in the eyes of a photographer. At my location, I looked around and thought to myself what I never really photograph. I saw a building which was student accommodation, and I was interested in the lines and colours. I took a photograph of it and thought it was something I am getting interested in. I never really find myself photographing artitecture, so I wanted to take this opportunity to do so. For my next to photos, I wanted to make it into a series of images which related to each other. I took more photographs that would show the same structure of my first picture. I thought of lines, colours and angles which is found in buildings. I’m not really a fan of this line of photography, but it has shown me that I have a passion for it.

This was one of my favourite assignments so far. It was so interesting to view a location differently. If I were to do this again, I change my starting point. As this was a group task, everyone did the same thing, and we started in the same location. I would change the starting point in order to make sure I would go to a new location that I have never visited.

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Group feedback for my images I made was most helpful! We talked about a handful of images in the class looking into how we can make these images as a starting point for a more larger body of work. We analysed these photographs using three aspects, Form, Concept and Content.

Form: How is the photograph shown, landscape or portrait? Black and white or in colour?

Concept: What is the image telling you? How can we carry this photo on to make a larger project?

Content: What is literally in the picture?

As we talked about all these as a group, it made me realise that these photos are a great starting point for a larger project. These pictures show aspects of repetition in colours, which I can carry on and make more pictures using this. It was also said that I could look into the windows of these buildings and see who lives in them. Group feedback was really helpful as I was gathering new ideas. Also looking at other peoples work shows me different ways of approaching this assignment.


Aline Smithson: Answer questions with photos

Also for this task we wrote summarised tweets to explain what we needed to do,

Reply to these 10 questions with photographs. You have 24 hours. #AlineSmithson #PhotographersPlaybook #phonar2016



At the beginning I thought this was going to be really easy. I already had some pictures in mind which I could use for some of the questions. I didn’t want to pick photos which was obvious, and that a lot of people would do. I wanted to think outside of the box and show something that represented me. This task is mainly about thinking about who you are as a person. When finding answers for these questions, I even needed help from my friends. For the majority of these images, I used photos which I had already taken, saved in my documents. I thought that this was the only way to see what I am like as a person.

I didn’t want to create an image on the spot, because I only had 24 hours to do so. I didn’t want to rush this. This assignment is all about learning about yourself as a person. I looked back on all my photographs saved on my hard drive and thought about the questions. I was definitely challenged with this assignment, as I had to answer questions about myself which I hadn’t even thought of asking myself.

Here are my final responses to the questions,

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I loved this task. It made me think about things I would never ask myself. If I were to approach to task different, I would alter the questions. The main thing that I liked about this task is to show who I am with the art of photography. It maybe pushes boundaries which I wasn’t comfortable sharing. However, this was probably why Smithson set this assignment. To think about things we hide away and bring them out. I would rewrite the questions in order to make me think more about myself.


After completing all these set tasks, I have really challenged myself, and I am shocked with how I completed them. Short term projects are my kind of thing, so I knew I would love Phonar at the beginning! “It’s all about having fun’ is what out lecturer keeps reminding us, and it is. It’s so nice to have projects which is not so serious as long term projects. These tasks have made me experiment with photography and narrative, and it has helped me view projects in a different manner. I can’t wait to continue with different projects in Phonar, which will better myself as a photograph maker.