Phonar: Making Workshop Tasks

This module is already at a close and it’s been so fun, I don’t want it to end.

Lucas Foglia: ‘Make it seem’

For this task we were given instructions for four images that we needed to take in two hours. It was a lot harder that I imagined when I got the instructions. Lucas Folia asks me to think about what I am photographing before I take the picture. I need to search for my objects and what I want in the frame before setting out on the shoot. Foglia uses these instructions to make me believe it is an easy task, but when I set out to do so, it becomes difficult. I was quite happy with my overall responses, which shocked myself. I love the idea of now thinking about what I need to photograph, having a narrative behind each photo I take. This set of working has really pushed me out of my comfort zone and it has allowed me to ponder on what are my images trying to say to my audience.

Make something sad seem beautiful: I felt as if using an object for this photograph was necessary. I wanted to use an object that was seen as disgusting or even dead, like a dead fly or garbage. I thought that using a macro effect would be a good way of exposing the lines and textures of a ‘disgusting object’. I came across this apple core which I photographed immediately. Then looking back on the photo, I realised that I loved it. The way that the seeds in the apple sits, almost as if they are in the air, showing that there is life inside something that has died. I also love the lighting in this picture. The seeds are the main focus in this picture with the help of the lighting. If I were to retake this image, I would relocate the apple in a more colourful background. This would make the object seem more beautiful.

Make It seem Urgent: This is my favourite picture of them all. When walking beside a pub, I noticed that there were many cigarettes all jammed into one area of a post. I thought that this would fit perfectly as the colours and different cigarette buts were jammed in at different directions. I used depth of field to focus the cigarettes in the centre of the image. I also put the contrast up to show more colour in the photo, to make it seem more urgent and bold. I feel as if this is my most successful image.

Make something happy seem sad: When walking back to class, I saw this little crisp in the shape of a smiling bear on the floor. I positioned the camera far away to show that the bear had been abandoned on the floor. If I were to redo this photograph, I would have used a better camera with better lighting. I used my phone camera because it was the quickest camera to me, as well as being in the middle of rush hour.

Make something normal seem shocking: I think this picture is not the best I would have hoped. Living in a city, it is normal to see rushed dumped on the floor and hidden in pushes, so this is what I want to take a photo of. I made the red colour of the beer stand out as the rest of the colours in the picture is dull and neutral. Overall, Im not too happy with this picture, I would redo it and find something else to photograph.

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Tim Walker:  ‘Its All About Love’

In this task we had to photograph something which we loved, considering how viewpoint and light can change the feeling of an image. I thought about how lighting could highlight different elements of an object or room. This task was quite easy for me as I loved photographing doors and window, as well as being home. Home for me is my sense of security and comfort, so this is why I chose this subject in my picture. As I am at university, I don’t get to go home much, so I always have the same image in mind when I think of home. To be honest, the picture doesn’t show my home, but my aunties. Even though it isn’t of my house, it still represents everything which my own home symbolises to me.

I feel as if the lighting is the most successful element of this image. Having the only light source from above the door allows the light to travel through the hallway to touch the camera. I makes the whole image lit and directs the viewers eye down the hallway. Viewpoint is important in this image. I took this picture as I was struck by how beautiful the light travelled through the hallway, therefore I used my eye length to position my camera. Personally I love this picture, It always reminds me of what I love the most about my home and the people in it. Viewpoint and lighting works together to direct the viewers eye to look where you want them to look. If my camera was positioned closer to the ground or higher up, I don’t think the lighting would look as effective as it is in the current picture. I feel that lighting is important in this picture. Lighting sets the feeling and emotion in any photograph, and it forces what the audience should feel. This photo has the mixture of soft lighting with harsh shadows.



Susan Meiselas: Alphabetography

This task was about finding objects from outside that resembled letters in the alphabet. The rules were that we were not allowed to use text, we had to use lighting and viewpoint to show your letter. My letter was T, which I thought would be easy. Then when looking at things, it was hard to include lighting and viewpoint to help show T in a unique way. I took so many pictures, however, I only thought that two were my best. I wanted to mainly use shadows and light as I believe these aspects were important to experiment with. Overall I am happy with my two images. This task has helped me highlight the importance of lighting and viewpoint which will help me in future shoots.