Phonar: Task Four

Very much like Task 2, this task asked me to develop a task done in the making workshop. However, we needed to include a moving image or audio.

I didn’t know which direction I wanted to take instantly. Tim Walkers task ‘It’s all about Love’ stood out to me. Mainly because I used my personal favourite picture that I have ever took. However, I didn’t have the capacity and the time to go to the location of the photograph to experiment with film or audio. I have never used a moving image or audio with my work, so I haven’t had the opportunity to experiment and think about how I can create a still image into something that can move or make noise. Looking back on each task, I knew that one stood out to me. This one,

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 00.00.29 copy

‘Take a picture of something normal seem shocking’

See my video here –



  • Video
  • No audio
  • Repetition
  • Black and white
  • soft lighting
  • up close to its subject
  • lines/patterns


  • negative space
  • Parts of the video were in focus and out of focus, to guide the audiences eye
  • Cobweb
  • Black and white


  • A scary film
  • Give the audience a sense of uncomfortablness


Who Is my audience:

  • People who enjoy watching scary movies
  • People who admire forms, shapes, patterns.
  • Abstract artists

What do I want my audience to feel

  • A mix of emotions
  • calm – by having its slow movements
  • scared/uncomfortable – the jumpy jumpcuts give a sense of uncomfortablness
  • No audio gives a sense of relaxation in contrast to feeling uncomfortable

What I have learnt:

  • Gain more confidence with using film
  • Gaining more knowledge with working on Premiere pro
  • How to change a normal object into something shocking
  • Using a macro lens


Critical Rational 

I decided to use my image for Lucas Foglia’s task of ‘Make something normal seem shocking’. I wanted to use a subject that would challenge me to capture in film. I decided to use this image because I felt it was my most successful. Cobwebs move in a way that is calming and almost relaxing, this contrasts with the context which comb webs are associated with as they are commonly used in scary situations. I wanted to experiment with these two narratives of cobwebs and produce a video that represent both of these perceptions.

In my eyes, I watch the video in a calming manner. It almost romanticises cobwebs by how they move and look. I chose to put the video in black and white to fit into both conceptions. Black and white to give it a scary effect as well as being a tool to allow the audience to see the details. I overlayed two the videos together, experimenting with lighting, positioning and speed. This gave ‘too much’ to my audience. This was my intention as comb webs are seen to some as creepy. However, some may watch this effect and be calmed by the movement and pace. I used jump cutting to my advantage. I didn’t want to have smooth transitions between each video as I wanted it to be jumpy. Shocking was the intention of my original image, so I needed to translate this through my video. The sharp transitions makes the video creepy, I want my audience to feel uncomfortable. I decided to use no audio for my video. It was difficult for me to bring audio into play as cobwebs are silent. This is something that I can experiment with after my deadline.

Overall, I am pleased with my response to this task. I have gained knowledge on attempting to represent two different emotions through one video. This is something totally different to what I am used to, so I am proud with myself by how I am managed this task.