Phonar: Publication

For this module, the class and I have decided to create a book containing all of our tasks inside. The class and designed a template as a guide to display my pages so it was up to me how I can place each task in the guide.

I made sure that the narrative of the tasks were made clear. I chose the best images from each tasks i have completed that showed what the assignment was asking me to do. For some images I only used one image, such as I put task four on a double page spread. I thought that this would be the only appropriate way of representing a task that included a video.

I decided to print my pages professionally at a print shop. I did this so that I could get the experience to see my work and as a dummy pages to when my work would be printed for publication. I looked at all the different weights on paper, 120mgs, 160mgs and 200mgs. I thought that if my work would to be in a book filled with so many tasks, I didn’t want my pages to be too thick, so that the final book wouldn’t be too thick. I decided to go for 120mgs, single sided. I felt that this was the most appropriate and I loved seeing how the page would turn out professionally done. Obviously, without a doubt my pages would be on matte paper. There are so many reasons why glossy paper wouldn’t be right for a book, so I limited myself to glossy paper.

Overall, I am happy with my pages. Task four image turned out a bit pixelated, due to the fact that I took the image on my camera phone, however, I believe that this still works to the advantage. The audience can still work out what the image is, however, if I had more time, I would redo this image to make it not pixelated.

Final Pages:

final template test