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Phonar: Publication

For this module, the class and I have decided to create a book containing all of our tasks inside. The class and designed a template as a guide to display my pages so… Continue reading

Phonar: Task Five

Step One: Read your Playbook assignment very thoroughly. Think about how you could summarise it to someone who hasn’t read it (it may be helpful to think about how you would explain it… Continue reading

Phonar: Task Four

Very much like Task 2, this task asked me to develop a task done in the making workshop. However, we needed to include a moving image or audio. I didn’t know which direction… Continue reading

Phonar: Task Three

  Looking over my assignment set by Julie Winokur I was happy as this is an artist which I had no idea about. I hadn’t heard of Winokur so researching into her work… Continue reading

Phonar: Making Workshop Tasks

This module is already at a close and it’s been so fun, I don’t want it to end. Lucas Foglia: ‘Make it seem’ For this task we were given instructions for four images… Continue reading

201MC – Mercê Moda

Knowing from my previous experience with Karro, I knew that I was confident enough to carry on with fashion photography, however, I still need a bit more guidance. With my experience with Karro,… Continue reading

201MC – Locale Exhibition

Lens Locale is a student led exhibition showing works from Community, Culture and Identity. Unlike MODA, my own work will be showcase at this exhibition which is completely new to me. Therefore, I… Continue reading

201MC – Karro

Caroline Karro is a designer and former Coventry University student. I got her contact by working on MODA as she was going to showcase her garments on the catwalk. She needed to take… Continue reading

201MC – MODA Engagement Element

Alongside the exhibition, it was vital for us that we needed to involve the community. Having talks with Antony, we realised how important it was and how not only we can learn from… Continue reading

201MC – Weekly Diary (Tutorial Record Form)

Within this module, every Wednesday starting from the 14th October, we were given classes on what we needed to do, any help throughout our process of this assignment, and additional meetings from the… Continue reading