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152MC – References

Referencing ABC Open Tropical North. (2014). The blind photographer. Available: Last accessed 7th May 2015. Adams, R. (2015). Portfolios. Available: Last accessed 19th Apr 2015. afterthetone. (2007). 41 Years in 60… Continue reading

152MC – Evaluation

I’ve learnt from the last two projects, that I needed to direct this module into an idea which I am most passionate about. Something that will motivate me, then in turn will allow… Continue reading

152MC – Final Book

So I am proud to announce that my book has been finally made! After a lot of research, binding difficulties and endless of late nights, I have finished this module. I am very… Continue reading

152MC – Time Management

This module started and ending in a shorter amount of time compared to the other modules I have taken. Therefore I needed to set myself a timetable to help me manage my time.… Continue reading

152MC – Audience Knowledge

Audience knowledge is very important when making your own book. Audience knowledge was something I struggled with when thinking about what sort of images I wanted in my book. When in my group… Continue reading

152MC – Sequencing My Images

Now that I have printed the pictures which will be in my final book, I need to think about the order. From my sequencing lecture I had a while ago, I thought this… Continue reading

152MC – Printing

Now that I’ve sorted out all the images that will be in my finishing book, I need to print my images. For my previous project, I went to a regular printing shops that… Continue reading

152MC – Japanese Stab Binding

So its come to the stage where I need think about binding for my final book. I’ve had a go at binding before in a tutorial but I’m still pretty nervous to start… Continue reading

152MC – Final Images

Now that I have collected all of my images, all I need to do now is print them. After printing, I can see where I can order them to go into the book.… Continue reading

152MC – Text In Action

I have planned to include text in my final book. However, from my workshop that I did in a lecture I had, I thought about having no text in the book at all.… Continue reading