Photographing Coventry

Before I start photographing for this assignment, I wanted to get the feel of Coventry. I’ve only lived in Coventry for five weeks, and in this time I haven’t taken my camera out… Continue reading

Theories of Social Change – Raymond Boudon

The book I am reading is Theories Of Social Change by Raymond Boudon. There are a few sections in this book that is really helpful for my project. ‘This ‘functional’ need of society… Continue reading

Assignment 1 – Concept 1

From the book, ‘Theories of Social Change’ it gave me the idea that there are some places in which everyone attends. In this picture it shows many people at a bus stop. Everyone… Continue reading


From my assignment 1, I have many unanswered questions in my head. Maybe these questions can never be answered. It is fact that we live in a Multicultural society. But the main question… Continue reading

Assignment 1 – Update

At the moment, I am very confident with this project. However, I have a very vague idea of what I am going to be doing. I need to be more specific with what… Continue reading

What is Culture?

When given this brief, I wasn’t quite sure what the definition of Culture was. I think it’s needed for me to find out what it means before I actually start shooting. The dictionary… Continue reading

Danny Lyons

When researching into different photographers that reveal images of culture, I came across Danny Lyon. Lyons exploration of American 1960s biker culture helped to make preconceptions surrounding this edge of society. He spent… Continue reading

Starting Point for Assignment 1

My hypothosis of Assignment 1 is to present final images, that are related to my theme. When given to brief, I had a few main ideas that I want to excel in and… Continue reading

Teacher’s Diary – Review

When watched Wonder Mama, I watch ‘The Teacher’s Diary’. From having no experience watching a Chinese film before Wonder Mama, I had high hopes for A Teacher’s Diary, as I enjoyed Wonder Mama… Continue reading

Wonder Mama – Review

At first I was unsure what I was letting myself in for when watching this film. Before viewing the film, I thought I was going to be watching one of theses typical Chinese… Continue reading