201MC – MODA Engagement Element

Alongside the exhibition, it was vital for us that we needed to involve the community. Having talks with Antony, we realised how important it was and how not only we can learn from… Continue reading

201MC – Weekly Diary (Tutorial Record Form)

Within this module, every Wednesday starting from the 14th October, we were given classes on what we needed to do, any help throughout our process of this assignment, and additional meetings from the… Continue reading

Phonar – Task One

  The build up to ‘Photography and Narrative’ has taken forever, but it is finally upon me. Within this module, I will be given tasks that come from The Photographers Playbook. I knew… Continue reading

201MC – Moda Catwalk Exhibition

This module allows participants to run an Exhibition in whatever style and context we wish. This is something I had not done before so I wanted to make sure I wanted to be… Continue reading

201MC – Visiting 201MC Exhibitions

Within this module it is required for students to undertake an exhibition. As you might of known from my previous blog posts, my class got into four small groups to run four very… Continue reading

201MC – Promoting Myself

Promotion is so vital being a freelancer! From having an artist talk with James Canon, he ensured us that having social media accounts helps people notice who you are and have potential employers… Continue reading

201MC – Voyce Clothing

Voyce Clothing is a street clothing brand owned by Jon Crawford and Max Hammond. They were in need of a photographer and a studio to shoot for their website. I knew from past… Continue reading

201MC – Website

In order to produce portfolio and let readers keep up to with my projects, I created a website in order for my work to be presented in a professional manner. I wanted to… Continue reading

CCI – Project Proposal

Project Proposal – Community Culture and Identity. PROJECT OUTLINE For this task, I want to bring my strengths and interests to the table, as this will help me with my motivation. I want… Continue reading

The Dive

As this was an old location, the group and I didn’t know of it of the top of our heads. So we needed research into The Dive to help us gain more information.… Continue reading