Paul M Smith

Girls – Paul Smith On the 6th of November, I received a talk by photographer Paul M smith. He gave me a great insight into his life and images that he has produced.… Continue reading

154MC – Summer Task 1 Practical

Over the summer I got set the task to create a visual diary, from what I saw when I first woke up to when I’m back to sleep again. I thought this task… Continue reading

Exhibition Review – People Of India

People of India, By Jason Scott Tilley A wonderful series of images that tell us a story through three different time periods of work creating a historical archive; The People of India Publication… Continue reading

154MC – Letter to Self

Hello Charlotte of 2015, 2014 Charlotte here. When I was given the task of writing a letter to myself, I didn’t know how to start. How honest should I be? Then I realised… Continue reading

Brand-New Topographic

For our first task, we were given a quote from a photographer. With this quote we were sent around Coventry to take images which we felt related to this quote, ‘If your pictures… Continue reading