Task 4 – Private Spaces

The subject my group and I were given to make a response to was ‘Private Spaces’. As a group we discussed each other’s ideas and picked one we were most interested in. For… Continue reading

What Do You Think?

So, everyone has a Facebook? We all scroll down our timeline, peeping at the unnecessary posts from your friends cousins, sisters, ex boyfriends pet fishes mothers owner. Obviously not in a literal sense but… Continue reading

Professional Experience: Exhibition Update

This week the group and I wanted to find the venue and get that out of the way. We agreed that when we find an appropriate venue, it will help us structure what… Continue reading


All Is Full of Love: Photography and Gender SLIDE NOTES: Gender Sexuality Race Representation Feminism Post-feminism Difference Cyborg Gender:  Gender is a social construct. It is a word that describes the “role” one… Continue reading


From Truth to Interpretation: Political and Experimental Documentary Practice SLIDE NOTES: Truth Interpretation The Political and the Aesthetic There is no truth to an image, only an interpretation, based on subjectivity. Interpretation relies… Continue reading

Concepts And Approaches – Lecture Three

The Pictures Generation: Representation, Appropriation, Postmodernism. SLIDE NOTES: Representation Appropriation Modernism Non-linear History Postmodernism The Pictures Generation Representation:   Representation is the construction of an image through a desire to see something that… Continue reading

Concepts and Approaches – Essay Notes

For this part of the module, I have to write a 3000 word essay. This can be about anything what we want, but the lectures that Daniel gives us, should guide us in… Continue reading

Community, Culture & Indentity – Places I Like In Coventry Video

We were set another little task as part of our online community the students in Romania. It was to produce a one minute video containing what we like about the city that we… Continue reading

Wildlife Photographer Winners of the Year

Wildlife photography was the main reason why I have such an interest in photography. I would go out in my garden to photography the plants I could see, or wait for birds to… Continue reading

Professional Experience: Proposal to the Exhibition

The project that we are doing is about raising awareness of one of our main senses: hearing, and the deaf community. In the hopes of producing an event that people will react positively… Continue reading